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Wisdom From The Afterlife Part 1 – Doing A Life Review Before You Die

What if you could communicate with loved ones who have died? Do you think they might have messages and insights from the other side to help you heal grief and live your best life now? Or are you doubtful?

I encourage you to suspend doubts and disbelief for the next few minutes, while you discover wisdom from the afterlife that can transform your life now–in highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with Karen Noe. She’s a renowned psychic medium, host of Angel Quest radio show and author of Through The Eyes Of Another: A Medium’s Guide To Creating Heaven On Earth By Encountering Your Life Review Now.

HF: We often hear that love never dies. Is love the force that fuels our connection with people who have died?

KN: Absolutely. That love continues after the soul leaves the body. When the deceased want to come through to talk to their living loved ones, they want you to know that they are still loving you and still around you. I always hear people on the other side say that it wouldn’t be heaven without being with you.

HF: So hell might mean that you’re shut out of awareness or contact with someone you’d loved during your life?

KN: Yes, but in reality there is no hell. What happens when we die and leave the body is that we are able to see and feel how we have affected each person we’ve encountered in your life. It’s almost like a self-judgment, because you are able to see your life through God’s eyes.

HF: Are you saying that we review our own life immediately after we die?

KN: Often the person is not aware that they have crossed over because they are aware of everything that’s around them. They may try to get their loved ones’ attention. Then they see the light, and start to go through their life review. You are able to see the bigger picture of how you have affected other people. Too often in life, we only see how other people affect us. It’s an eye opener on the other side.

HF: In your book you wrote that the deceased often tell you they wish they would’ve done this or not done that when they were alive, but now it’s too late. So how do we prevent afterlife regrets?

KN: Deceased people often tell me they wish they would have told people they loved them more often and spent more time with them, and forgiven or asked for forgiveness. I often hear the same regrets from the living loved ones. When I’ve heard this consistent message from thousands of clients, I realized we shouldn’t wait to create peace in our lives.

HF: So how do you help people do a life review before they die? Is it like Jimmy Stewart in “It’s A Wonderful Life” when he imagines what everyone’s life would have been like without him?

KN: That’s one way to see the bigger picture of your life, which is what happens when you cross over. To do this now, you look at each person you encounter and imagine how they see you and how you are affecting them.

HF: Like you’re walking in their shoes and seeing you through their eyes. What if people need help with this?

KN: It helps if you write letters to your loved ones while imagining that you see yourself from their point of view. There are 4 types of letters you can write: letters expressing gratitude for things loved and admired, letters of forgiveness, letters to your deceased loved ones imagining how they saw you, and letters to yourself.

HF: Are you suggesting we write but don’t send these letters when these people are alive?

KN: It’s best when you still have people with you to actually send them your letters. You write letters of gratitude or forgiveness to create peace and get closer to people in your life now. Your letters might ask forgiveness for how your divorce hurt your children or your former spouse. Seeing things from their point of view of how it affected them lets them know you understand them. These letters should be warm, loving, forgiving so the person gets a very good feeling.

HF: Doing your life review by writing these letters can transform your relationships with people in your life. What if someone you love has died? How do you communicate with the deceased and how do they communicate with you?

Find out in Part 2 highlights of my radio conversation with psychic medium, Karen Noe.

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