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Millionaire Matchmaker's Misguided Advice on Demi Moore-Ashton Kutcher Breakup

Bravo TV’s “Millionaire Matchmaker” star, Patty Stangler, projected her own insecurities onto Demi Moore when she told Access Hollywood why a 16 year age difference in the older woman-younger man relationship can’t work.

The Bravo TV star said, “It’s almost like her (Demi’s) window is closing and his (Ashton’s) is opening. And it’s sad, because I’m her age, I know exactly what it feels like to feel like, you know, ‘Is my tour of duty over?’

I doubt Patty’s fear is a blip on Demi’s radar screen. Why?

Kaballah student, Demi Moore, may understand that true love is ageless, timeless and endless, so her chronological age is not the reason Ashton Kutcher could not commit to their marriage.

Ashton’s extramarital affairs may have had little to do with Demi, because he is a classic example of a “pioneer”– my term for a man or woman who feels the grass is always greener elsewhere, so they keep searching for greener trails while being emotionally unable to connect on deep levels or commit to anyone for long.

What love lessons will Demi and Ashton learn from their brief marriage and painful breakup? Will they forgive each other for the pain they’ve caused each other, so they are free to find love again?

This depends on where they each are on the path with heart. I encourage them to find and learn their love lessons so they don’t have to repeat them in a new relationship. And then give thanks to their greatest teacher who gave them the lessons they needed to learn in this moment. With this attitude and with gratitude, there really is nothing to forgive. Demi and Ashton simply may have fulfilled their purpose in loving each other. Knowing this will heal their heartbreak and free them to find love again, even better than before.

What about ageism in Hollywood?

This could be an underlying reason for Patty Stangler’s fear that her tour of duty on Bravo TV may be over.

What’s the antidote to ageism?

Box office success of films starring adults. Two of the most successful romantic films in recent years have starred two love goddesses in their 60’s–Meryl Streep in “It’s Complicated” and Diane Keaton in “Something’s Got To Give.” Both films were directed by Nancy Meyers, who showed us how love power is ageless, timeless and endless in women and in their male costars in life and love.

Filmmaker, Nora Ephron, also directed Meryl Streep in another exquisite love story about adults, “Julie and Julia.” Nora delighted us with the ageless love power in Julia Child’s enchanting relationship with her amazing husband.

We yearn for more Hollywood films that will seduce smart, sexy, successful adults to come back into the theater to see love stories about awesome adults.

I’ve written such a love story in my novel, Tribe Of Blondes, about the adventures in starting fresh and finding love after divorce. I see it as a romantic adventure story on film. Nancy Meyers or Nora Ephron–are you interested?

What about a starring role in Tribe Of Blondes for brunette, Demi Moore? She’s perfect, because it’s not a hair color that unites us, but the resilient optimistic spirit we need to overcome challenges and believe in great love. Demi’s got the spirit. So do you. The secret is to keep it alive, no matter what life throws at you.

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