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Writing A Dating Resume' – Why Should Someone Date You?

How do you write a winning resume’? Understand and fulfill its purpose. A winning resume describes the skills and talents you bring to a job or a relationship and helps you find a match who wants what you have to offer.

If you are unemployed and seeking a great job, you write a customized resume’ for each job opportunity and tailor your list of skills and accomplishments to job requirements. To increase your job options, you expand your job search beyond your local community so geography doesn’t stand in the way of a great new job.

If you are unmarried and seeking a great love match, you write a dating resume that reveals why someone will want to date you and love a relationship with you. And you increase your dating options by expanding your love search beyond your community so geography doesn’t block great love.

How else do you apply this savvy job-searching strategy to your search for love?

By taking these steps:

Write a resume’ about yourself, listing the love skills and special qualities you bring to a relationship and desire in return.

Share personal stories in your resume’ (and in conversations with your dates) that paint an honest portrait of who you are, what you want, and why someone will want to date and love you. For example, your resume’ might reveal:

a favorite memory you’d like to repeat
a challenge that formed your character
a hobby you’d like to enjoy with your partner
a special talent or love skill that your partner would enjoy with you
a love lesson you’ve learned from a prior relationship so you don’t have to repeat it
a recipe for a fabulous vacation or special day off
a glimpse of how you handle conflicts and challenges
a vision of what your ideal relationship looks and feels like
a few reasons why your love match will love life with you in it

Expand your love search and increase the best dating options when you take one or more of these steps:

find single people in your community to socialize with or date
ask people you know and trust to introduce you to their single friends
join a lunchtime matchmaking service to meet singles during a quick meal or drink after work
hire a matchmaker who searches their local or national database to select your best matches
join a top dating site that unites singles seeking love across America and around the world,
so geography doesn’t stand in the way of a great new relationship.

How do you use your dating resume to find love online?

Take these steps:

Join a dating site that attracts people on your love wavelength, like great singles seeking great love.

Post your personal resume’, aka dating profile, to reveal your values and vision for a great life and relationship and attract a match who shares your views.

Read dating profiles of people who contact you, and begin the sorting process.

Sort through mis-matches who contact you, by sending a kind reply like, “Thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately, I don’t see us as a love match. Good luck in your search.” Why show e-kindness? It initiates great dating karma.

Initiate your own searches of members on your dating site, participate in the site’s social and travel opportunities to make great single friends and increase your chances of meeting your great love match

Identify matches on your love wavelength and begin communicating with them, usually in this sequence if you meet online — by email, video chats, and phone. When you feel a mutual click, you agree to meet face-to-face in a public place.

Share upbeat stories about your life, accomplishments and dreams during your early dating conversations because what you focus on expands. Sharing positive insights and attitudes brings more of them into your life and relationships.

Get to know potential matches on many levels to see if your values and goals are compatible in terms of lifestyle preferences, career objectives, spiritual path, health and fitness habits, character traits, desire to have a family or not, money management, conflict resolution, communication skills, sexual compatibility, sense of humor and fun, level of happiness in life and relationships.

Develop even greater intimacy and trust by meeting friends, family and coworkers, by checking out personal profiles on social media, and by doing a background check before you decide to enter a committed relationship.

Enjoy your great adventure in knowing and being known, loving and being loved in a relationship with your great love match.

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