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Your Guide To Healthy Relationships – Can Singles Ever Feel The Health Benefits of the "Marriage Effect"?

Statistics tell us that married people live longer than singles. A new medical study suggests that marriage also wards off the debilitating memory loss in aging.

Are singles destined for dementia and early death? Or can singles prolong your life and mental clarity through the “Marriage Effect” without getting married? These questions were explored in a medical study and the findings were reported in the British Medical Journal.

What were the guidelines and goals of the medical study?

Medical researchers studied the health changes of a group of 1400 people from Finland, starting at age 50 and following up with them 20 years later. Their goal was to find out who was at greatest risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Their findings?

People who were widowed or divorced at midlife and remained so were at greatest risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease. Being single at midlife also was a risk factor. The “Marriage Effect” lowers these risks of Alzheimer’s.

What is the “Marriage Effect”?

Dr. Ranit Mishori analyzed this study for Parade Magazine and said that the “Marriage Effect” appears not to be influenced by how much education the individuals had attained, how much physical exercise they got, or whether they otherwise had active social lives — all factors that other studies have found to be important in determining the risk of dementia.

According to Dr. Mishori, the study’s authors suggest that having a partner might provide additional mental and social challenges that somehow stimulate the brain and delay the onset of dementia.

Is the risk of getting Alzheimer’s dependent on marital status?

This risk is not dependent simply on marital status or lifestyle. Genetics and environment play a complex role in the risks of developing dementia.

Dr. Mishori stated that what is clear is that people who maintain a healthy and active lifestyle–physically, socially, mentally and perhaps maritally–appear to have a lower risk of developing the disease.

Can singles ever gain the good effects of marriage on their brain without getting married?

My interpretation of these findings suggests that a successful combination of personal choices can ward off age-related memory loss and dementia, when you combine a healthy and active lifestyle along with having a partner, whether in a marriage or in a committed relationship.

Another healthy choice is to fall in love again, with yourself and your daily life. Do more things you love each day to feel loved and lovable, no matter who is or isn’t sleeping beside you. When you combine this healthy attitude and action plan with a healthy, active lifestyle and connect often with people you care about, you may maintain mental and emotional health and experience some benefits of The Marriage Effect while being single.
That 2009 study also revealed that you can be in a committed relationship but unmarried and still benefit from the marriage effect.

I encourage couples to thank your partner for helping each other live long lives with sharp minds. I encourage singles to be a loving partner to yourself until you meet your love match and create a loving relationship.

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