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Your Love Guide – What Can A 110 Year Old Adventurer Teach You About Health And Romance?

Love leaves traces, so choose your love guides wisely. You’re about to discover secrets of healthy longevity and love from Sarah Wilkins (110) who had lived in three centuries, stretching from President William McKinley to President Barack Obama.

When I read news of her passing in August, 2009 and highlights of her love story, I wished I could have had the privilege of meeting her.

Sarah lived her life with the resilient optimism and adventurous spirit that gives the Tribe Of Blondes its name. Her health secrets are easy to model. Her love story takes courage to emulate.

Sarah had raised four children with her husband in Chicago. When she was widowed at age 73, she wasn’t thinking about marrying again.

“She was never going to wash someone elses socks again,” said her daughter, Marilyn Sala, in a Chicago Tribune article.

Sarah had been widowed 8 years when she met Wilbur Wilkins at a euchre game with friends. He was a 74 year-old farmer with 18 kids from two marriages. She was 7 years his senior. “He just swept her right off her feet,” her daughter said.

The cougar-cub relationship hadn’t been coined when she married her younger husband in 1981. They took off in his pickup truck for a cross-country drive and a honeymoon in California. He brought a step-stool to make it easier for his 81 year old bride to climb in and out of his truck.

World travel began soon after. The newlyweds visited China and Australia and they cruised the Caribbean, creating an adventurous eighth and ninth decade for Mrs. Wilkins. She outlived her 2nd husband and died of natural causes at 110.

What’s the secret of her long healthy life?

She credited her longevity to aspirin – which she took one daily for 93 years, beginning at age 17 – and to her devout faith.
I imagine that taking risks to love again in her eighties and pursuing her dreams of world travel well into her nineties had enriched and extended her life.

What risks could you take to spark a spirit of adventure in your existing relationship?

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