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Your Guide to Healthy Relationships – Can Tantric Yoga Improve Your Sex Life?

Sexuality is our strongest primal force and a reflection of the great dualities of nature. Working with the universal polarity in order to reach the pure unity of consciousness behind it is the basis of Tantric Yoga. This process and benefits you gain from it are explained by expert practitioner, Dr. David Frawley. I’ve presented highlights of his interview which appeared in Tathaastu Magazine.

What is Tantric Yoga and why should you practice it?

It is a meditative experience that provides many benefits. It consists of unfolding the Divine powers within ourselves, the inner god and goddess, whose natures are the light and energy of consciousness.

What are these two primal powers?

Dr. Frawley says there are two main Tantric symbols – Shiva Linga and Shakti Yoni. On a biological level, they are symbols of sexual energy, male and female, but this is a small portion of their power.

Shiva Linga is a phallic symbol of masculine stability, strength and endurance, which is reflected in the cosmic masculine principle, values and virtue.
In yoga philosophy, the term “linga” refers to the subtle body that is reborn, not the physical body. The linga is a place where energy is held, generated and sustained.

Shakti Yoni refers to the womb or creative center of a woman. It’s greater symbolism is also a cave, a valley, a place of origin and a matrix of time and space. It is a horizontal force.

Whereas the Shiva Linga is a vertical force represented in the mountains, thunderclouds, the tree, the upright human as the ascending energy of consciousness and life in nature. It is often viewed as a pillar of light, an erect spine and Prana life force.

How do the Linga And Yoni relate?

They always go together on the level of opposites, like the valley to mountains, meadows to forests, water to fire, woman to man.

Uniting the linga and the yoni is not just matter of sexuality but of uniting the centrifugal force (linga) with centripetal force (yoni), or uniting the electric force of Shiva with the magnetic (attractive) force of Shakti. It is uniting the center with the periphery, so that the One and the Infinite merge into a single experience.

What is the meditative experience of the Linga and the Yoni?

Shiva linga in yogic meditation is of a pillar of light, energy, peace and eternity, expanding the mind, opening the inner eye and bringing deep tranquility and steadiness to the heart.

Dr. Frawley says that to hold your awareness in the power of the linga is how you develop unwavering concentration and inner peace.

How do these polarized forces affect sexuality?

Human sexuality is one of many manifestations of the cosmic forces of duality, of a greater Divine sexuality as it were. Dr. Frawley recommends that we learn to see the cosmic energy behind human sexuality.

“Unless one can meditate deeply upon the linga and the yoni as the dual Divine powers behind all existence, one has not yet developed a real understanding of yoga.” He concludes, “We must learn to discover the Divine union of the dual great cosmic powers in all that we can see or imagine.”

When you see your intimate partner as a force of great cosmic powers, the chemistry you spark may be simply divine.

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