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Your Love Guide – Can Golfer Tom Watson Guide Your Search For Your Best Love Match?

What can you learn about winning the heart of your best love match from golfer Tom Watson’s stunning pursuit of victory in the 2009 British Open? It’s not about age.

Millions of baby boomers personally identified with 59 year old golf legend as Tom Watson earned the chance to compete in the final playoff against 36 year old Stewart Cink. Tom Watson had rebounded from physical challenges that required a hip replacement, and then he beat out the greatest golfers in the world for that playoff against Cink–a decade or two later than professional golfing history had shown us that it was possible.

Watson’s ultimate victory in that match depended on his ability to par the final hole. When he hit two spectacular shots on the 18th hole, he inspired immense hope in viewers world-wide. Was there anyone watching or later reading about this match who didn’t admire his unwavering commitment and dedication to the game he loves? His everyman nature seemed to inspire hope that each of us has what it takes to fulfill our greatest dreams, regardless of our age.

When the second shot bounced harder than we all had hoped, scurried over the green and left him in too difficult of a position for an easy chip back onto the green, the regret over that bad bounce was palpable. If only his ball had stopped a foot shorter, then he could have had an easy two-putt and an historic victory.

How did Watson react to this bad bounce? With timeless qualities of resilience, optimism and grace under pressure. As the world shared his disappointment in defeat, the life and love lessons will not be lost if you apply them to your own life.

How often do you get the perfect bounce in life or love? Do you persevere in reaching your goals wholeheartedly, even if common wisdom underestimates your potential for victory? Do you accept major setbacks with dignity and move forward with grace in the tradition of Tom Watson?

Playing a round of golf with a potential love match is one way to observe their character and discover if your core values are a compatible foundation for a healthy relationship. Taking golf lessons with groups of singles is a healthy way to meet a potential golfing partner or love match.

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