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Your Love Guide – Do You Know How to Star in Your Own Love Story?

Whether you’re enjoying a romantic relationship or seeking one, you will create a more fulfilling relationship with your romantic co-star as soon as you learn how to be the star in your own love story.

When you star in a film, you and your co-star are expected to re-do a scene over and over until you get it right. When you star in your real-life love story, your chances for Take Two with your co-star often depend on whether you are in a dating relationship or doing scenes from a marriage.

You rarely get a chance for Take Two with your co-star in a dating relationship. If you screw up a scene with your date, there’s often someone in the wings who’s eagerly waiting to take your place (or your date’s place, for that matter).

What about a marriage?

If there’s a mutual commitment and dedication with your co-star in your marital love story, you may get a chance to redo and rework issues until you get them right.

Unfortunately, it’s a tragic reality that your eager competition can be lurking in the wings of your marriage, waiting for a vulnerable moment so they can jump in and replace you by co-starring with your mate.

How do you avoid that heartbreaking fate?

Learn how to star in your own love story now. This preparation has nothing to do with your co-star. It’s about you.

Simply make sure that you are always ready for your closeup.


Are you fit in body-mind-spirit?
Are you strong enough to face the challenge in each scene?
Are you resilient enough to bend instead of break?
Do you see each take of a scene, not as a mistake but as a chance to bring out the best in you?
Are you in touch with your emotions, feeling free to give and receive love?
Do you speak your truth from your heart, aware of how your words will affect someone?
Have you learned how to listen as an act of love?
Do you use your talents and pursue your dreams every day?
Do you ease stress and build health with wholesome thoughts, foods, exercise, friends?
Have you identified challenges in your life and created various plans to overcome them (in case you need Take Two or Take Ten)
Do you see and savor all the wonders of you?

Being ready for your closeup means that you strengthen your strengths and fall in love again with yourself first– so that your inner beauty shines through, guides you and supports you.

Your healthy self love is a love magnet that attracts more love. It is the foundation for the resilient optimism that fuels your passionate choices and personal triumphs.

As you star in your own love story, your co-star will rise up to match your radiance — either in a existing relationship or if you’re single–as you cast your new co-star who loves all the wonders of you.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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