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Your Love Guide – If Ashton Kutcher's Looking For Trouble, Should You Trust His Romantic Advice?

In 2005, actor Ashton Kutcher married actress Demi Moore, 15 years his senior, and they made the cougar-cub connection an acceptable, admirable relationship. Kutcher recently revealed in Parade Magazine the romantic secrets that keep him bonded happily to his wife of 4 years. He also said that he doesn’t play by the rules and he’s still looking for trouble in real life and in characters he plays. Should you trust his love tips?

A happy celebrity marriage is rare in Hollywood, where men commonly marry daughter figures. That’s why many guessed it was a publicity stunt when Ashton Kutcher first connected with Demi Moore while she was promoting her 2003 movie Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.

When they married two years later, the media often posted photos of Ashton hanging out with Demi and his three step daughters (now 20, 18, 15). Often Demi’s former husband, Bruce Willis, was included in the family photos as they contentedly, albeit unwittingly, helped people rethink the concept of extended family.

What are the romantic secrets of attraction between Ashton and Demi?

“The real trick is putting yourself around people you admire,” Kutcher told Parade. “That’s why I married my wife. I locked in the brightest light in the room. My wife and I have an agreement in our marriage, and part of that contract is that we are going to shine our lights on each other.”

Kutcher told Parade that his relationship with Demi is so solid, and they’re so communicative about the way they’re feeling that they don’t allow space to come between them–even when travel keeps them apart.

Kutcher concluded, “I definitely believe that if you stop working at relationships, they go away.”

Should you trust his love tips?

In a community where many film stars sacrifice their marriages for a rush of cupid’s cocktails with their co-stars in new films, Ashton and Demi remain happily committed to each other. Since love leaves traces, I’d happily follow Ashton’s Love Tips to create a healthy relationship with lasting love.

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