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Your Love Guide – Do You Know How To Use An Ancient Act of Love To Create A Happy Relationship?

If you love to lead conversations with your wit, wisdom or strong views, this habit could be your biggest block to a loving relationship. Fortunately, you can leap over this love block when you learn how to use an ancient act of love to create healthy, happy relationships.

Why are great conversation skills a love block?

You may think you’re impressing, entertaining or educating your dates or your mate when you constantly explain the world according to you. When you take charge of conversations, you may think you’ve mastered the art of talking.

Here’s your reality check. Constant talking is an annoying habit that shows a total lack of concern or awareness of your audience. That’s why it’s a love block. You can break through that block by using an ancient act of love.

What is this ancient act of love?

Listening. Constant talkers tend to be lousy listeners. You can break that bad habit when you learn how to balance your communication skills and become a power listener.

What is a power listener?

A power listener improves communication in relationships by using several listening tools. These tools were explained during my interview with Ken Donaldson, a master relationship coach and author of Marry Yourself First — Saying “I Do” To A Life Of Power Purpose And Passion. I’ve summarized Ken’s explanation of these listening skills for you.

A power listener uses intuition and introspection to be fully present with another person during a conversation for the purpose of thoroughly hearing and understanding the other person.

Why is this so important?

When you thoroughly listen, you create a powerful communication dynamic that deepens your relationships and forms powerful boundaries at the same time. A power listener eliminates unnecessary conflict and creates a more powerful, aware presence.

How do you become a power listener?

* By letting go of your own agendas, opinions, judgments and/or advice
* By being present with the other person and disconnecting from your need to inject your own thoughts
* By inviting the other person to say more
* By asking for clarification when you are unclear about what is being said
* By offering understanding when you really get what the other person is conveying
* By being an objective listener and ovserver since this is all about understanding (and not about agreeing) so there is no right or wrong
* By letting go of criticism
* By listening with all of your senses and your intuition to really gain a thorough experience of the other person’s communication
* By asking the other person what they would like from you. If they request input or advice, then feel free to offer it. But if not, be prepared to just offer your power listening.

What are the benefits of being a power listener?

If you want to enjoy healthy, lasting and fulfilling relationships, you need to become an effective communicator. The best communicator does the most powerful listening. This is an ancient act of love that helps you improve existing relationships or create a healthy, happy new relationship.

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