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Your Love Guide – Do You Need A New Leash For Your Lover?

Do you need to keep your lover on a short leash to be the watchdog of your relationship? Your Love Guide shows you a new way to inspire a hot commitment and secure mutual loyalty and trust.

How do you unite two lovers together as a committed couple?

A deep emotional connection is needed to spark and strengthen the commitment in relationship between intimate partners. If this connection disintegrates, then a short leash can’t hold someone in a relationship once they’ve lost interest.

With a 50 percent divorce rate, the trend is for people to walk away from a marriage or any relationship they find lacking emotionally.

How do you create or maintain a deep emotional connection?

There are 3 simple steps you can take now:

1. Pay attention to your partner and your relationship

Feeling overlooked and under appreciated often makes people feel restless in a relationship and open to outside temptations. You won’t inspire loyalty and trust unless you pay attention to each other.


Begin by taking the pulse of your relationship each day. Ask yourself and your partner how you each can make your emotional connection more passionate and exciting. Then implement an idea each day to as a way to start fresh like you’re creating a new relationship.

2. Model your relationship on those that you admire and desire

Love leaves traces. Look around at couples who delight in being together. Notice how they interact in positive ways and what patterns they happily set. Ask them the secrets of their contentment as a couple.

Then create a new action plan to improve your emotional connection and daily interactions with your partner.

3. Create a new leash that inspires unity as a couple

I often tell my online community how we can be inspired to love unconditionally with our beloved dogs as our guide.

When I take my chocolate lab on a mountain hike without a leash, I’ve noticed how they run ahead of me while consistently swinging back or staying close enough to keep a watchful eye on me.

I call this an emotional leash–a bond formed freely because it honors and grows from our pattern of positive interactions.

Harsh criticism and punishing judgments block you from forming an emotional leash. You can’t force someone to feel loyalty.

When you choose to form a pattern of caring and compassionate comments and behaviors in your interactions with your intimate partner, you spark chemistry of commitment and secure whole-hearted loyalty and trust.

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