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Your Love Guide – How Can You Reach The Highest Standard Of Loving?

Would you like to out-love most mortals? Follow the lead of my personal love guide. When my father-in-law died at age 91, he had out-lived two wives, one of his children and all of his closest friends. He’d been happily married to his third wife for 40 years when their love story ended with a kiss she gave him as he drifted off for an afternoon nap.

His tender passing was a well-deserved blessing for an immensely lovable, kind-hearted, honorable man. As I give thanks that he was a mighty positive force in our family life, I’d like to live up to the Love Lessons he taught us by example:

Love Lesson One: Family First

He offered fatherly support during life’s painful challenges, like the untimely deaths of my parents.
He traveled cross country to celebrate career successes of his children and the births of his grand children.
He marked his personal milestones by gathering his children and grandchildren for family vacations.
He gave children a Philadelphia handshake that rattled their arms and created unshakable memories.
He waited till his 80th birthday to explain how he earned his medals during WW-II.
His word was his bond throughout his professional and personal life.
He was proud to be fiercely loyal, both as a husband and in his relationships with colleagues, family and friends.

Love Lesson Two: Family Bonds Survive Divorce or Death

After his second wife died, he stayed in touch with her family for the well being of their young children.
Before he married his third wife, he made sure she agreed to spend time with the families of his two former wives, which she did happily.
After his son initiated our divorce, he continued to be a magnificent father to me and a loving grandfather to my children with his son.
He often joked that he was the easiest guy to get along with, as long as you did things his way.
His way was usually the path with heart.

Love Lesson Three: Use The Secret of Joyful Living and Loving

As my 21 year old daughter expressed sadness over losing her grandfather, she said she was afraid of losing her own dad and me one day. “I don’t want to die either,” she sighed.

I gave her a tender hug, saying, “When we realize our life is precious, we begin to live fully and love deeply in each moment. We choose love, even knowing we may lose it.”

She nodded thoughtfully, and then packed her carry-on bag for her Eastbound flight to attend her grandfather’s funeral with her brother, father and his second wife. I didn’t join them.

I mourned my father-in-law’s passing privately, honoring the request of my former husband. He had helped me through the pain of losing both parents twenty years ago. The most I could do now was to spare my former husband any additional pain that my presence might have caused him at his father’s funeral. It was hard enough to lose the guiding force of love and success in his life.

Staying away from my father-in-law’s funeral didn’t unite our blended families as he had done so beautifully for decades. Yet it was the most loving gift I could give his son during his time of grief.

My father-in-law called himself “a road man,” because he sold the highest quality furniture and clocks to top stores in the East and South until he retired in his 70s. I see him as a love guide, because he set the highest standard of loving for us to follow. His love light shines bright, like a beacon in the rocky seas of blended families.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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