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Your Film Guide To Healthy Relationships – Want A Recipe For Great Cooking And Loving?

Want real health care reform? Start cooking real food and making real love. That’s a healthy love tip I’ve often told our online community. Now you have a film guide to reveal recipes for hearty meals and happy marriages. You’ll be craving both as you experience the delicious film, Julie and Julia.

It’s the story of two lost women who find their professional purpose through food and passionate fulfillment in marriage. This film celebrates the best in happy marriages with lasting love. It’s inspired by true love stories of two couples.

The best known couple, based on Chef Julia Child and her diplomat husband, Paul Child, had enjoyed five decades of great cooking and loving in France and America until death parted them in their 90s. They are brought to life with endearing wit and charm by Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci.

The second couple is based on a young newlywed (Amy Adams) in New York who blogs her way through the preparation of 524 of Julia’s French recipes in 365 days and through common hurdles of making an emotional home in a new marriage to a supportive husband.

These two love stories are interwoven into a graceful tapestry by the film’s writer and director, Nora Ephron. She’s reported to be enjoying a second marriage of 22 years, after suffering through a betrayal while she was pregnant by her first husband, the journalist Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame.

Ms. Ephron has survived and thrived after that marriage melodrama, and there’s no hint of it in her film portrait of these two marriages. She gives us an authentic portrayal of pleasures and passion in a mid-life marriage. A delightful example is when Julia and Paul Childs sneak home from cooking school and the American Embassy in Paris for a little lunch and some afternoon delight.

When Julia learns her newly-married sister is pregnant with her first baby in her 40s, we sense sadness that the Childs weren’t able to have children in an era before infertility intervention.

When we learn that Julia was a 40 year old virgin when she married Paul, it tugs at your heart when she asks him, “What if you didn’t fall in love with me?”

“But I did,” Paul said tenderly. And then he showed his love in wonderful ways — as they stood by each other, handled challenges and sparked chemistry as a couple. Not in a sappy, trite way. But with savvy joy that can be experienced in any mutually-supportive marriage. If you seek a role model, Julia and Paul can be your love guide.

What about the blogger and her husband?

Julie Powell’s blogging adventure had connected her to online readers (including her mother) while she reported on the results of a preparing a Julia Child recipe each day.

At one point, Julie asked her readers if anyone’s out there paying attention to her. Having blogged for a year, I’ve often wondered that myself. This is a tender nudge for you to start a dialogue and make a meaningful connection with people you’re getting to know online.

After month’s of Julie’s blogging had stolen her focus and energy from her husband, she had to decide whether to change her priorities to save their relationship. It’s an authentic love test that most couples face in an enduring relationship. The love lessons they learn from this experience will make you question how your choices and priorities affect your relationship.

Can you recall any recent Hollywood films that portray the emotional depth and enduring passion in a happy marriage?

I can’t. So there’s another reason I’m recommending that you go to the theater and savor this tasty treat. You’ll also send Hollywood a message of support to keep making glorious, grownup love stories.

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Dedicated to your dating and relationship happiness,

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