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Your Love Guide. How To Design An Ideal Relationship Like An Architect And Pritzker Prize Winner

Would you like to design an intimate relationship with great passion, devotion, integrity and beauty that endures? Take your design cue from a Swiss Architect named Peter Zumthor, winner of the 2009 Pritzker Prize – the equivalent of a Nobel Prize in architecture.

Mr. Zumthor told the New York Times that he seeks inspiration on a mountaintop and pares down architecture to its barest, most sumptuous essentials. I’ll show you how you can use these techniques to design a relationship masterpiece.

A nine person jury gave the highest recognition for architects to Peter Zumthor, and they explained their reasoning in the Pritzker Award Citation:

“He develops buildings of great integrity, untouched by fad or fashion. From the moment of commitment, his devotion is complete, overseeing the project’s realization to the very last detail.”

Ask yourself how you will bring the same integrity, commitment and devotion to details that help you build your ideal relationship?

The Pritzker jury praised Mr. Zumthor’s use of materials. “In Zumthor’s skillful hands, like a consummate craftsman, materials from cedar shingles to sandblasted glass are used in a way that celebrates their own unique qualities, all in the service of an architecture of permanence.”

Ask yourself how you will celebrate your own unique qualities and those of your intimate partner as you build a relationship that endures?

Mr. Zumthor’s Kolumba Art Museum in Cologne, Germany was designed to rise out of the ruins of the Gothic St. Kolumba Chuch, destroyed in World War II. The Pritzker jury called the museum, completed in 2007, “a startling contemporary work, but also one that is completely at ease with its many layers of history.”

Consider your romantic history:

Are you at ease with your relationship history?
Have you cleared the emotional debris of past errors or losses?
Have you learned your love lessons?
Will you use them as a solid foundation to support and nurture beauty in a new or existing relationship?

Finding your answers is how you rise out of the ruins of lost love and build a startling new relationship that enriches the love and beauty of your past.

Mr. Zumthor lives in the Swiss Alps with his wife. He told the New York Times that his village has been an inspiration and a refuge that helps him concentrate. Collaborators coming there to work with him are not distracted by all the things of the big city.

“To come up with me, you’re in the Alps. It’s sort of a commitment. It’s a beautiful feeling. Of course you have to like the mountains,” Zumthor said.

Consider your own safe haven:

Have you created a home that is an inspiration and a refuge?
Do you avoid distractions and focus on creating a healthy relationship and lasting love?
Do you want a personal refuge enough to trek up a mountain and create it?

If you’re single and seeking an ideal love match, how far will you travel to meet your special collaborator in life?

If you’d like to design a passionate love life, consider embracing the vision, materials and success strategies of this stellar architect as you design a passionate relationship that is fulfilling in its barest, most sumptuous essentials.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,


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