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Why Stop Your Ex From Dating Your Friend? If You're Stuck on Your Ex, Learn How To Let Go and Love Again

Do you want to stop your ex from dating your good friend? This is a sign you are stuck on your ex. Let’s look at some reasons why you may be stuck and learn a simple ceremony to help you let go and love again.

If your ex or your good friend have asked for your approval to date each other, did their request feel like a knife in your heart?

Your pain is a call to action. Here is a plan for positive action:

Acknowledge your feelings. They are real. Give yourself permission to feel the pain of lost love.

Your pain comes with love lessons that lead to personal growth, assuming that you ask yourself what you need to learn from your pain. Here are some questions to help you get started:

Why are you pining for a date or mate who no longer wants you?

Are you angry at your ex for ending your relationship so you refuse to be happy or move on?
If you can’t have the lover you want, do you want them to feel as unhappy as you do?
Are you in a quest for power over your ex when you deny permission to date your good friend?
Are you seeking revenge against your ex?
Are you punishing your ex by making them feel as miserable as you do?
Are you setting yourself up for more disappointment if your ex dates your friend in spite of your objections?

List any other reasons that are keeping you focused and stuck on your ex.

Now ask yourself how you are supporting your emotional health and well being by holding onto your reasons.
How much more time will you spend pining or punishing?

By hanging onto your ex who has moved on, you are stopping yourself from loving again.
And you may sacrifice a friendship in the process. Why don’t you want your friend to find happiness with your ex? Does this attitude support you or your friend?

There are seeds of growth in your honest answers. If your answers don’t reflect the best in you, then you may want to change your attitudes.


Remind yourself that you don’t always get what you want in life. Punishing your ex won’t bring them back to you. Neither will stopping your friend from dating your ex.

Learning your love lessons and letting go is a healthy way to unbond from your ex and free yourself to love again.

Here is a simple ceremony to help you:

Write a letter to your ex, telling them about your feelings of anger and jealousy and your desire for revenge that stops you from letting go and moving on. Do not mail this letter. This letter is fuel for the fire.

Find a fireplace or fireproof receptacle for your burning ceremony

Light a match, spark a corner tip of this letter and watch it go up in flames.
Let yourself see how you are burning your bonds of attachment and negativity.
Repeat as needed until your negativity is released.
Even if you have to write and burn dozens of letters, continue the process until you can wish your ex the best in life and love. This is a sign you have freed yourself to let go and love again. Congratulations!

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