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Your Sexual Health – Why Couples Should Make Love Every 36 Hours

Have you or your partner ever lost that lovin’ feeling?

A lackluster sex life can be caused by something as simple as the failure to have sex often enough. Fortunately, there’s a simple cure. Popular sex therapist and OB/GYN, Rebecca Burdette M.D., advises couples to have sex every 36 hours, and she explains why in my recent interview.

Why have sex every day and a half?

The 36 hour rule takes advantage of your psycho-biology, because for 36 hours after couples make love, your body continues to produce happy hormones. If you make love again within 36 hours, your levels of happy hormones remain at high levels.

If you continue this lovemaking pattern, you virtually ensure a continuous release of happy hormones for both partners, which inspires partners to be more kind, courteous and protective of each other than they would normally be. This inevitably leads to a healthier, happier relationship.

How do couples find time to have sex every 36 hours?

Sex doesn’t have to be a marathon. Even a quickie releases the same amount of happy hormones as an enduring sexual encounter.

What are the health benefits of the 36 hour rule?

If you have 21 orgasms a month, you reduce risks of prostrate cancer in men and osteoporosis in women and men. You also boost your immune system. And frequent sexual peaks prevent urinary leaks. Plus 100 orgasms a year can add 3-8 years to your lifespan.

What if couples don’t have frequent sex? Does that cause men and women to cheat?

Researchers report that women stray when they are looking for intimacy and men stray when they are looking for sex. If couples follow the 36-hour rule, they will feel closer and men may lose the desire to stray for sex.

What if sex loses its novelty or passion with your long-term partner?

You can revive an adventurous, innovative spirit in your sex life when each partner commits to reading books about sexuality and practices like Tantric Sex. Then you each can present new sexual possibilities to experience with your partner a few times each month to keep sex fresh and exciting.

I also advise my online community to commit to having more fun with your partner outside the bedroom, communicating better and increasing intimacy. When you see and bring out the best in each other daily and add some fun to each day, you keep positive, romantic feelings alive for a lifetime.

What if you’re single and seeking your best love match?

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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