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A Lasting Love – Sexual Surrender and Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy in Fifty Shades Of Grey

In this riveting, adults only episode of A Lasting Love, you discover what female erotica in Fifty Shades of Grey says about women’s sexuality, intimacy and dating as sociologist-author BJ Gallagher www.peacockproductions.com chats with host Hadley Finch, creator of dating advice to find love in TribeOfSingles.com Guided Love Quest-Dream Travel Vacations and www.happinesscoachingspa.com

Why are women drawn to the female erotica and cultural phenomenon, “Fifty Shades Of Grey”? This trilogy is dubbed Mommy Porn, because it involves bondage, dominance and sadomasochism. What does it really say about women’s sexuality and the quality of intimate relationships today? How can men be better lovers by discovering these secrets?

In this adults-only episode, you discover politically-incorrect secrets of sexual ecstasy in Fifty Shades that its readers get, but feminists don’t. Savor this sizzling, sex-ed discussion between host Hadley Finch and BJ Gallagher, a sought-after sociologist-author of Why Don’t I Do The Things I Know Are Good For Me? and Being The Buddha At Work, as they reveal ancient secrets of red-hot sex, including:

Why the ecstasy of sexual surrender is a powerful experience not often discussed nor understood, but often longed for, especially by women.

How mystics understand, but feminists don’t get, how Fifty Shades of Grey taps into ancient wisdom that we need to embrace today to experience sexual satisfaction.

What happens to modern men sexually when they are deprived of their primal role as provider and protector of their partner.

How you experience sexual ecstasy without entering the chamber of pain.

* Why readers overlook the clumsy writing of author, E.L James, and devour her books.

What dating-sex advice America’s Love Guide has for lovers of Fifty Shades of Grey.

What women must understand about men to win in the business world and enjoy a red-hot love life at home.

Why TV commentator Ann Coulter can’t find love until she makes one simple change.

How you stop dating the wrong people, heal old heartbreak and choose a beloved partner who will love you as you desire and deserve.

Your focus determines your future. As you focus on this riveting, 30-minute conversation, you may use these great sex tips to rekindle the sexual flame in your marriage–or if you’re dating to find love you discover how to identify your great love match who will spark a lasting fire of love with you.

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