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Fifty Shades of Sexual Ecstasy Part 1 – Sexual Surrender

Why are women drawn to the female erotica and cultural phenomenon, “Fifty Shades Of Grey”? The red-hot trilogy is dubbed, Mommy Porn, because it involves bondage, dominance and sadomasochism. What does this say about women’s sexuality, dating and intimacy today? How does political correctness sabotage the red-hot sex life you deserve? What secrets about women’s desire must men understand to be better lovers?

Discover the ancient but politically-incorrect secrets of sexual ecstasy from Fifty Shades Of Grey in Part 1 highlights of my radio interview for A Lasting Love with BJ Gallagher. She’s a sought after sociologist and author of Why Don’t I Do The Things I Know Are Good For Me? and Being Buddha At Work.

Hadley: The ecstasy of sexual surrender is a powerful experience not often discussed nor understood, but often longed for, especially by women. Let’s break that taboo. Let’s discuss what mystics and lovers of Fifty Shades Of Grey understand about sexual surrender, but feminists don’t get.

BJ: Feminism is well intentioned, but the impact has sexual downsides. Gloria Steinam said, “Some of us have become the men we wanted to marry.”

Hadley: Wasn’t that her advice to women–to become the man you want to marry?

BJ: Well, for those women who have become the man, what is there for the man to do?

Hadley: We’ll talk about how this affects a man’s sexuality later. First, let’s explain how sexual surrender is an ancient secret of sexual pleasure, reachable when you understand the duality of yin and yang, feminine and masculine energy.

BJ: Sexual and romantic relationships need a balance between masculine and feminine energy.

Hadley: And every man and woman has within you both masculine and feminine energy and qualities. You choose which qualities you strengthen if you want to win at work and enjoy a red-hot sex life at home.

BJ: What feminism taught women to do was to develop their yang energy and masculine side, directs and gives, instead of a woman’s natural yin energy, which is receptive and open. A woman chooses which qualities to strengthen. Sexually, when a woman surrenders to masculine energy, she is at her most feminine. Some think the one who surrenders is the powerless one, but that person is in control of what happens. The female egg either lets the male sperm in or not. The feminine always chooses to surrender or not. Sexual surrender is a powerful secret of sexual ecstasy.

Hadley: Some people also perceive the feminine quality of loving kindness as weakness, yet it is our greatest strength in women and men.

BJ: Another good image is to imagine how a 120-150 pound woman who rides dressage, actually controls a 2000 pound horse with her inner thighs. That’s what women can do when you tap into your feminine power. Women must use your feminine power to get what you want and need in the world to get the pleasure you want sexually.

Hadley: If a woman’s masculine energy dominates, how does this affect a man, sexually?

Get the answers and more secrets of sexual ecstasy in Part 2 of our series. Or listen to our entire conversation by clicking here:

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