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A Love Test For Dating Singles: Find Out If You're Ready To Give Up Your Freedom For A New Relationship

If you are single and dating, are you willing to give up some of your freedom for a new relationship? Find out if you are ready for a lasting relationship when you take this simple Love Test:

1. What’s Your Goal In Dating?

Are you dating for short-term fun or to forget about a past relationship?  Are you running from a new relationship no matter how wonderful your lover is? Are you satisfied with casual connections? If so, you can take a pass on this Love Test.

Do you want to create a happy relationship that lasts? Are you willing to change your life when you meet your ideal love match? To discover your answer, consider the next question:

2. What’s The Value Of Your New Relationship?

How do you determine the value of a new relationship? When you meet someone who inspires your desire to create a relationship, hold them in your heart and your thoughts as you ask yourself:

How do you enrich each others’ lives?

How satisfying is your sex life and emotional intimacy?

Do you feel stronger, more energized, more joyful with this person in your life than you do without them?

Are you willing to consider their needs as much as your own?

Are you willing to make a priority of enjoying time together?

Are you clear about the challenges that may arise when you share your life with this person? Are you willing to handle these challenges as a team?

Do you accept each others’ flaws and bring out the best in each other?

Could you see yourself raising a family together, or enjoying your grown children and grandchildren together, depending on your parenting status and stage of life?

Do you share common values and life experiences?

Are you intellectually stimulated and eager to learn more about your partner? Do they feel the same about you?

Do you agree on a future form your relationship will take, whether it will be a legal union or a committed relationship without marriage?

Could you let go of other emotional connections without regret and happily focus on building a life together?

Once you understand your feelings about your love match, you are ready to explore the next question.

3. Do You Love Your Freedom More Than This Relationship?

How much do you love your freedom?

Would you rather make your own choices and plans without having to consider a partner’s needs and desires?

Would you rather maintain separate lives and homes and simply gather for couple activities as the need arises?

Are you dating someone who also prefers this type of relationship? If so, you both may be content to be a casual couple. If not, you may need to move on.

If you want to save this relationship, you may want to reconsider the value you place on your freedom.

4. Are You Willing To Give Up Some Of Your Freedom To Gain The Benefits Of A Lasting Relationship?

Does your new love magnify your joy, support your challenges and enrich your life in body, mind, spirit as you do for them?

How would you feel if you gave up their love?

How would you feel if you gave up some of your freedom to save this relationship?

Once you have discovered your answers to the questions on this Love Test, you will know if you are ready to experience the benefits and challenges of a lasting relationship.

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