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Love Guide. How to Rescue Your Relationship From a Threat of Divorce and Revive the Fire of Love

Is your relationship worth saving? When my two-decade marriage was in danger of being demolished, I often wished there were an historic preservation society for once-glorious relationships in need of attention and repair. Here’s how I imagined we could rescue endangered relationships and revive their Fire Of Love.

Introducing the National Trust for Historic Preservation of Relationships

It’s mission is to assemble an annual roster of America’s most endangered historic relationships. It looks for more than exterior beauty. Each year the Trust selects important examples of romantic relationships with an illustrious foundation and structure that are at risk of being destroyed or irreparably damaged.

Each New Year’s Day, the Trust unveils its list of relationships worth saving. These couples need not live in glamorous locations, nor resemble their youthful wedding photos. Their homes may have long stood vacant of children who are now grown.

The goal of the Trust is to identify relationships that can be adaptively reused for new purposes beyond child rearing.

Although many of these enduring relationships are being neglected, fewer are threatened by divorce thanks to the current economic downturn. As couples no longer can afford to divorce or live separately, their financial challenges may be an unexpected catalyst for revitalizing endangered relationships.

Why is this a good thing?

Once the Trust identifies and lists relationships that are worthy of a rescue, these relationships cannot be razed and replaced. Couples chosen for the list will focus their attention on sustainability and the need to recycle the existing infrastructure of their relationship.

These couples will make a passionate commitment to identify what works in their relationship and improve on it–as a way to rekindle the spark that first united them. Their goal is to strengthen their strengths and expand on them in new ways. In doing so, their relationship weaknesses seem less important.

No couple stand in isolation by themselves. They impact the lives of their children, their extended families, their colleagues and friends.

If your relationship has suffered from boredom, outside temptations, or years of neglect, you now have the chance to save it from demolition and restore it to it’s original glory.

Simply nominate your relationship for listing on the National Trust For Historic Preservation of Relationships. Then make a mutual commitment with your mate to preserve your glorious history and take every possible measure to revitalize the Fire Of Love in your relationship today.

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