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Abandoned At The Church? A Sex And The City Secret Erases Your Break Up Scars So You Can Love Again

It’s no secret that Carrie Bradshaw is abandoned at the church in the latest Sex And The City Film. Would you like to learn the secret of how she erases her break up scars and frees herself to love again? Continue reading…

Sometimes the worst part of a break up is the scar it leaves on your mind, like a permanent thought reminding you of your abandonment. If your break up wound was severe, it’s harder to get over the pain without it leaving a lifelong mark. Unless you use some of the secrets that helped Carrie Bradshaw recover from a broken heart after she was left at the altar by Mr. Big.

As Carrie was coping with her big break up, she wisely sought the emotional support of her closest friends. She reached out to people who care, and who would listen to her feelings and provide encouragement.

She escaped the shock and pain of her break up through a “Mexicoma”, her little joke about her endless sleep in the Mexican villa where she and Big had booked their honeymoon. Her girlfriends had taken her there so she could recover in luxury along with their emotional support.

Carrie asked them when she’d ever laugh again. “When something’s really funny,” Miranda said. Later Charlotte provided the humorous moment that broke through Carrie’s armor of sorrow.

Carrie wisely shut off all contact with her ex, so her healing process wasn’t disrupted by thoughts of reconciliation. She tried but couldn’t imagine a good reason why Big couldn’t get out of the car to meet her at the altar. She gave up searching her thoughts as a wise way to let it go.

Then Carrie was able to redirect her mental energy into her work and in moving back into her apartment. She painted her home to give herself a symbolic fresh start. She also supported her friends in their own challenges, and lifted her own spirits in the process.

Carrie Bradshaw was able to give and receive the love of her friends and focus her energy on positive pursuits. This was how she let go of lost love and freed herself to love again.

If you want to learn the identity of the lucky man who eventually won her heart, you’ll have to see the movie!

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