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Green Divorce. See The Silver Lining Of Hope In The Funnel Cloud Of Divorce.

Was your world shattered by the funnel cloud of divorce? Court battles, visitation issues, budget challenges and bitter feelings can cause a huge pressure change that flattens your hopes and dreams. As you rise from the rubble of your divorce, remember to give thanks that you survived it. And you are blessed with the opportunity to build a better life through a green divorce.

What is a green divorce?

It’s a decision you make to take stock of your losses and use your love lessons as the blueprint to build a better life.

You will use what worked in the infrastructure of your past relationship and expand on this foundation to build a eco-friendly safe haven for you and your family.

How do you build an eco-friendly safe haven?

Instead of using geothermal heating, a wind turbine for electricity and hydrogen fuel cells for back up power, you will use the power of forgiveness, resilience and love to sustain a healthy relationship with your former spouse and support positive interactions and growth in each member of your family.

Why haven’t we heard of a green divorce until now?

Because I hatched the idea after reading in the Chicago TRIBUNE how the town of Greensburg, Kansas was destroyed in a tornado and was resurrecting itself as The Greenest Town In America.

Shared adversity drew people together in that town. They saw it as a chance to imagine an entirely new future.

I realized that we have the same opportunity in the aftermath of a divorce. We can become closer as a family as we face the tough challenges of divorce and work together to create a brighter future that sustains generations to come.

What if there’s too much animosity to have a green divorce?

You may have missed the warning alarms for the funnel cloud that destroyed your relationship. You may be stuck in grief or unable to speak to your former spouse without venting anger.

This is a warning alarm of more devastation to come–unless you flip the switch.

Look for the silver lining. Start seeing the positives in starting fresh. Start taking positive actions. This is a sure-fire way to rise above fear and negativity that keep you stuck in the rubble of divorce.

Want another incentive for a green divorce?

It’s clear that our children see us as guides for how to handle adversity.
Will you show your children how you were ruined by your divorce?
Or will you show them how to be resilient as you rise from the rubble to create a safe haven and brighter future together?

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