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Attract Love Online In 100 Days? Take 7 Steps Now To Meet A Special Date For New Year's Eve

Why is September 22nd important to singles? We have 100 days to meet a special date for New Year’s Eve.  There are over 100 million singles world-wide who use online dating sites.  If you’d like to attract love online and meet a special date this year, I suggest you take these 7 steps now:

Step 1.  See your search for love as a big adventure with big rewards.  You have new skills to learn, new challenges to rise up and meet.  Your adventure begins when you know what you want and you want it enough to climb a mountain and ask for it.  Then give thanks for all the love in your life right now. The mountain hike is a metaphor for the boost of enthusiasm you may need to attract the love you seek. Enthusiasm and gratitude are love magnets.

Step 2.    Fall in love again, with yourself first.  You will radiate healthy self love and attract the same when you follow the 5 R’s:  Revive your dreams and take action on them each day.  Rev up your good qualities.  Recharge your health.  Remember the love in your past and forget your sad stories. Remain optimistic.  Healthy self love and optimism are love magnets.

Step 3.  Join an online dating site.  If you’d like to be guided through the communication process and be presented with compatible matches based on 29 personality traits, then start your online search with eHarmony.  They present matches within a 250 mile radius of your home.  If you’d like to expand your dating horizons across the country and world-wide, then join match.com.  Pay for six months and they guarantee you’ll meet a special match or you get six months free.  Consider specialty online dating sites for common interests like Spiritual Singles, Ivy League Graduates, Big Beautiful Women, etc.  Join one or a few online dating sites to see where you feel at home.

Step 4.  Create your online dating profile by presenting your best you.  Have your new photo taken with good lighting.  Wear a favorite outfit.  Smile as if you see your ideal date through the camera lens.  In your dating profile, write about the qualities you will bring to a relationship. Speak from your heart and your core values. Mention a hobby or talent.  Be real. You want to attract someone who is drawn to your best you and the way you look right now.  Seek the same honesty from your online dates.

Step 5.  Launch your online searches and start communicating.  Most online dating sites send you matches based on the criteria you select, like physical appearance, spirituality, career, etc.  Voila!  You can receive dozens of potential matches with photos, each time you search. When someone catches your eye, they may be an ideal match or they may present a love lesson you need to learn right now.  Send a friendly email.  No response?  No big deal.  Do another search.  Eventually you’ll find a mutual click.  You’ll have email chats.  You’ll graduate to the telephone, and to the next step.

Step 6.  Make a date to meet in a public place.  Stow your old love stories at home, and be open to creating exciting new ones.  See a first date as a fun interview over lunch or a drink.  Does your conversation flow?  Is there easy laughter?  Shared values?  Red flags of concern?  Be aware of your love tests.  If you’re waiting for love at first sight, that’s a block to grow through.  If you’re exploring your mutual desires and goals, joys and challenges, those love tests may lead to love, or offer insights that enrich your life during this meeting.  What happens next?

Step 7.  Move on.  Or plan a second date.  The automatic second date policy is intended to take pressure off first dates.  I prefer the BLINK style of first dates.  Trust your instincts.  Do they tell you to move forward or pull back?   Could you drop your armor for amore? If so, meet again.  If not, get back online.  Launch another search. Send more emails.  There are millions of singles seeking love online.  Will you take 7 steps to meet your special date for New Year’s Eve?

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