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Beauty Quest – Nature's Best Non-Toxic Beauty Creams

Want to love your skin at every age and save a bundle on beauty creams? Throw away petroleum-based and toxin-laced creams that contain risky chemical ingredients, because what goes on your skin goes into your bloodstream.
Discover Nature’s best beauty cream that you should eat and lather on your skin after a shower to fight infection, support collagen production and nourish natural radiance. What’s nature’s best beauty cream to use on your salad and your skin? It’s my beauty secret. Click here.
Ageless beauty, Sophia Loren, claims to use this healthy oil as her main beauty cream. Is it absorbed into the skin? Does that even matter if it erases appearance of wrinkles and parched skin? Find out here
What about nature’s essential oils? Which ones are absorbed into the skin? Which oils should you breathe in? Can essential oils really hydrate your skin and heal whatever ails you? See what science says about using essential oils in your beauty quest.

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