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Greatest Love Story Part 1 – How A Match Made in Heaven Defied Death

If you’ve ever lost a beloved through death, you may be yearning for proof that love never dies. If you keep an open mind, you may get this proof from the man who experienced love that defied death, like in the hit film, GHOST.

Discover why this match made with help from the afterlife could be the greatest love story ever, during highlights of my radio chat for A Lasting Love with Jerry Weinstock. He’s been a Hollywood producer, writer and actor, whose true love story is far more mysterious and provocative than the best romantic movies.

HF: Here’s why I’m so intrigued by your love story, Jerry. In 1990 I was grieving the sudden, untimely death of my mother, and I was looking for clues how love can survive death. That year, I saw visual clues in the hit film, GHOST, as I watched Demi Moore communicate with her deceased husband played by Patrick Swayze. This film visualized what spiritual wisdom has been telling us–that love never dies, it only changes form. I know you’ve experienced this throughout your great love story with Joy. Tell us how your relationship with Joy was a match made in heaven.

JW: Joy was married previously to a man named Bob Lisker. After Bob passed, he began communicating with Joy every morning. She’d sit down, ask him a question and write down his answers.

HF: So Bob didn’t come to her in a dream, but while she was awake. Didn’t that shock her?

JW: It wasn’t shocking because Joy was realized spiritually. She was an acclaimed psychic for film stars, and she had her own TV show in the 70s. So she’d been grieving her husband’s death and communicating with his spirit for over a year after he died, when she told him she felt ready for a new relationship. She asked if he’d mind, and he said, No. He offered to help and he gave her a 12-step program to find love. She used it for six weeks, and then we met. We were blissfully happy, and we were a match made in heaven, literally.

HF: I love how Joy’s former husband had freed her and helped her find love. And you were the beneficiary. Tell us how Bob’s 12 steps to find love had helped Joy find you.

JW: A requirement in finding your soulmate is finding your soul. Joy had made a decision to start a spiritual group, to teach what she knew and get over any doubts or hesitations she had about loving again. I had just been involved in Hollywood, starting a new cable network, when I heard a voice that asked me, “What will you regret on your deathbed?”

HF: Was it a voice you recognized, like from a departed loved one? Or was it a thought that popped into your head?

JW: I recognized it as the still voice within that you can hear in sacred silences or meditation. It’s as if your soul or your guide or something profound is speaking to you. As I answered the question about my deathbed regrets, I realized I had to leave Hollywood and make good on past experiences which had shown me truths that I needed to share. So I left Hollywood to pursue my soul’s path, and I wound up in Joy’s spiritual group. I’ve found that it’s along your soul’s path that you’ll meet your soulmate.

HF: You each trusted and followed your inner guidance which can be your highest, best guide. And it led you to great love. I often say, “The great love you are seeking is seeking you, so keep your eyes open.” It’s good you did. Let’s talk about another mysterious part of your love story. It began with a murder that recently was featured on TV’s 48 hours. How did a murder launch your love story?

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