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Conquer 6 Emotional Enemies Inside Your Mind

Emotional Enemies

Hadley Finch intro: Discover how to conquer 6 inner enemies and be empowered
to build success in life, work and love as you enjoy this guest post courtesy of Jim Rohn

What can destroy our ambitions, our fortunes, our relationships—our lives?

The enemies lurking inside us, the ones we face from within, the ones we’ve got to destroy

before they destroy us. There are six we must conquer:

1. Fear

We are not born with courage, but neither are we born with fear. Maybe some of our fears

are brought on by our own experiences, by what someone has told us, by what we’ve read and heard about.

Some fears are valid, like walking alone in a bad part of town at 2 o’clock in the morning. But once we learn

to avoid that situation, we won’t need to live in fear of it.

2. Indifference

What a tragic disease indifference is. Some will say, “Ho-hum, let it slide. I’ll just drift along.”

But here’s one problem with drifting: We can’t drift our way to the top of the mountain.

3. Indecision

Indecision is the thief of opportunity and enterprise. It will steal our chances for a better future.

We have to take a sword to this enemy.

4. Doubt

Sure, there’s room for healthy skepticism. We can’t believe everything. But we also can’t let doubt take over.

Many of us doubt the past, doubt the future, doubt each other, doubt the government, doubt the possibilities

and doubt the opportunities. Worst of all, we doubt ourselves. Doubt will destroy our lives and our chances

of success. It will empty both our bank accounts and our hearts. Doubt is an enemy. Go after it. Get rid of it.

5. Worry

We’ve all got to worry some—but we can’t let it conquer us. Instead, let it alarm us. Worry can be useful.

If we step off the curb in New York City and a taxi is coming, we’ve got to worry. But we can’t let worry loose

like a mad dog that drives us into a small corner. Here’s what we’ve got to do with our worries:

Drive them into a small corner. Whatever is out to get us, we’ve got to get it. Whatever is pushing on us,

we’ve got to push back.

6. Timidity

Over-caution is the timid approach to life. Timidity is not a virtue (unlike humility); in fact, it can be an illness.

If we let it go, it’ll conquer us. If we’re timid, we won’t get promoted, we won’t advance and grow and

become powerful. We’ve got to avoid over-caution.

So, we must battle with the enemy, battle with fears, build our courage to fight what’s holding us back,

what’s keeping us from our goals and dreams. We have to be courageous in our lives and in our pursuit

of the things we want and the people we want to become.


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Hadley Finch

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