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Cougar Dating in TV Sitcom – Should You Make A Date To Watch Cougar Town?

If you love over-the-top acting and below-average intelligence scripted for a cast of stereotypical characters, then you’ll love ABC-TV’s new sitcom called COUGAR TOWN.

The teenage son in this show has more insight and charm than the so-called grownups in the cast including his mother, played by Courteney Cox of Friends fame, her younger boyfriend and her co-worker girlfriends.

These adults are shrill simpletons, acting as if their greatest life issue is whether your boobs jiggle too much in a work dress, or whether your younger date with a bulldozer tongue can be trained to French Kiss.

If this tickles your funny bone, then you may enjoy a few sly groans watching Cougar Town on Wednesday nights (ABC-TV).

What if you are single and seeking some dating insights in Cougar Town?

You’ll see the law of attraction in action. If like attracts like, then watch how witless and superficially sexy singles attract their equally witless matches in this sitcom.

You can’t fault the actors for accepting a lucrative TV gig. The show’s writers get the blame for creating stick figures and sophomoric dialogue. These writers could have researched the authentic qualities and values that spark attraction in dating relationships that transcend age differences.

Statistics tell us that many women over 40 are choosing to date men at least 5 years younger. This is a wise choice when you consider a woman’s life expectancy is 5 years longer than a man’s.

Yet women rarely are predators seeking young sexual prey, as the name Cougar falsely implies. After my long marriage ended in divorce, I was surprised to learn that younger men often pursue older women for a relationship.

What’s the attraction?

I’ve received many emails in the top dating sites from younger men who tell me they like an older woman who won’t pressure them for babies and a house with a picket fence, since she’s already raised her children and maybe downsized from the family home.

Young men like a woman with her own career and financial stability, and plenty of lessons gained from her marriage and breakup.

Younger men say they want to be with a a passionate woman who knows more about sex and relationships and who appreciates the energy and enthusiasm he brings to a relationship.

Scientists tell us that this may be a compatible sexual match, since an older woman may reach her sexual peak at the end of their childbearing years while a man is in his sexual prime through his 30s.

What are the long term prospects for this relationship?

An older woman feels incentive to stay fit and healthy and remain attractive to her younger man. And an active sexual relationship has proven benefits for greater health and longevity in each partner.

If a younger man wants children of his own, then his relationship with an older woman may be short term. Scientists now report that once a man passes 35, DNA mutations in his sperm may contribute to autism or mental illness in his offspring.
This means there is incentive for men and women to have their babies before age 40.

Can a younger man’s yearning for a family be satisfied in his relationship with an older woman and her children?

Ashton Kutcher seems fulfilled with his wife, Demi Moore, 15 years his senior, and her grown children. Ashton and Demi have the sex appeal, smarts and soul that could spawn a captivating TV show.

The only way I’d ever watch Cougar Town again is if the writers explored some provocative issues and revealed the humor in the ways older men and younger women date and create captivating relationships.

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Dedicated to your dating and relationship happiness,

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