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Dating Advice – How To Contact Your Spirit Animal Guide To Find Love

Hadley Finch’s introduction: As you may recall this article series is inspired by Vince Vaughn’s movie Couples Retreat in which they identified their spirit animal guide to greater love. In part 1, you discovered 7 types of spirit animal guides to help you find love or help you through challenging times. Want to know how to contact your very own Spirit Animal Guide?

I sought the answer from experts in the spirit animal kingdom. As you may guess these experts are psychics who deal in the spirit realm and help you access this power to improve your life and relationships.

Spirit Animal Guide Guest Post – Part 2

To many, spirit animals remain an elusive concept that –while piquing curiosity – tends to leave a person with a never-ending list of questions.

The most common questions about a person’s spirit animal, what role it plays, and how to tap into it, are best answered with the assistance of a professional psychic placed with the specific task of evaluating your spiritual needs.

However, uncovering your spirit animal, its role and learning how to best interact with it can be accomplished through some basic focusing on the self and with minimal assistance from a tactical guide.
Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), not every person is gifted with the elaborate supernatural abilities of a psychic; that is, a person with intuition and/or clairvoyance. Yet you may be surprised to know that not all clairvoyants are psychics; in fact, much of the human population treads through daily life without ever realizing that they contain inborn clairvoyant abilities that have been undeveloped.

For the spiritually curious, the power of clairvoyance stands as one key to knowing and interacting with their spirit animal. But clairvoyance, of course, is but one way to become familiar with your spirit animal. How else do you find them?

It is not uncommon for spirit animals to contact those they are connected to through dreams. Spirit animals do not contact people in a physical sense, but instead linger in the unconscious mind, surfacing either following the spiritual development of a clairvoyant, or through navigation from a spirit guide (i.e. psychic). Or, in some cases, spirit animals surface completely involuntarily without warning.

Can we choose our spirit animal guides?

Please be aware that we are not able to “choose” what spirit guide is assigned to us. Spirit animals are assigned to one person under the pretense that they will balance the character traits of an individual that – by social standards – are considered weak or vulnerable. In many cases, this means guiding a person with various types of wisdom. Let’s look at an example.

The deer, in addition to providing protection and magnificence, guides a person in life by endowing them with persistence and faith in unconditional love. In a practical life setting, it would mean an altered perspective of how a person views their love life. The person who may have shunned the guy with the receding hairline on the daily train ride might suddenly see that person in a new light, expressing feelings of willingness and openness to varieties of people. Qualities bestowed might also include alertness to not just how to find love, but how to love.

Do you need a psychic guide to find your spirit animal guide?

With seven different types of spirit animals and an innumerable amount in existence, it is best to explore the discovering and analysis of your spirit animal with a guide, which can be done via phone, online, or in person. A guide will be able to communicate with your spirit animal so as to better enlighten you on not only what your animal is and how it can help you, but how you can help yourself find love, renew love or get through life’s challenges..

This post was contributed by PsychicSource, a network of talented online psychic talent. They have a variety of available readings including tarot readings, to past life readings, to angel card readings.

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