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Dating Advice – Can Spirit Animal Guides Help You Find Love?

Hadley Finch’s Introduction: As I watched Vince Vaughn’s film on HBO, COUPLES RETREAT, I was intrigued by it’s theme that we all have spirit animals to guide us in time of need and help us find love or revive it in a relationship.

I was filled with questions: Are spirit animal guides a fairy tale? Are your real-life pets ever be your spirit animal guides? If they’re unseen spirits, then how do you identify your spirit animal and let it help you find love or renew it with your partner, as demonstrated in COUPLES RETREAT?

I sought answers from experts in the spirit animal kingdom. As you might guess, these experts are psychics who deal in the spirit realm. They answered my questions in this 2-part series of guest posts.

Guest Post-Part 1

For centuries cultures around the world have placed faith in the idea that we all bear our own spirit animal; that is, a spirit guide taking the form of a particular animal dedicated to lighting the dark path of struggles we’re all forced to walk down as we deal with bad relationships, professional battles, and devastating loss of all shapes and forms.

These animals are not necessarily meant to solve problems, but (depending on the animal) to strengthen your character traits and help you learn valuable life lessons to avoid repeating mistakes in the future.

These spirit guides manifest in the form of countless animal species, each containing different meanings and abilities. However, there generally are thought to be seven key types of spirit animals:

Land Animal Spirits. Ranging anywhere from an ape to an armadillo, these spirit animals reflect a well-rounded personality that thrives on effective communication and intuitively knowing the boundaries of others.

Bird Animal Spirits. Boasting both the blackbird and the bluebird, bird spirits represent a high level of energy and intelligence, marked by an open mind and the ability to mold oneself to any situation.

Water Animal Spirits. Consider a person with a water spirit the “deep thinker” of a group; the person who seeks meaning in everything presented. Those with water spirits are incredibly spiritual and carve out their own off-the-beaten-path trail in life.

Reptile Animal Spirits. Those with reptile spirits are similarly spiritual, with “get to the point” type of personalities and an uncanny knack for seeing things from all sides of an ordeal.

Bug Animal Spirits. Ants, beetles, butterflies – these spirits roam about without a clue of how significant they actually are, and as such, maintain an envious amount of patience with the workings of the world as they make their crawl through life.

Mythical Animal Spirits. Not only do spirit guides take the shape of existing animals, they also come in the form of animals conceived by the human mind over time. A person with a mythical animal spirit may employ the spirit for only one life-changing experience and have qualities of someone with a more timid personality.

Extinct Animal Spirits. Those sporting extinct spirit animals (i.e. dinosaurs) are often granted an impressive amount of wisdom.

These spirit animals are often the key to combating the challenges that life presents. Understanding your own spirit animal and its characteristics will allow you to better interpret your own character, life, and how to navigate conflicts in the most effective way possible.

How do you identify your own spirit animal guide?

Get the answers in part 2.

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