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Dating Advice – What's The #1 Way To Attract True Love?

Are you dating to find love, without having much luck?
Are you stuck in the friend zone with someone you want to love passionately?
Are you tired of short love stories and eager to create a true love story that lasts?

If you answered YES to one or more questions, I imagine you’ve come here to turn around your love life. What’s the best way to inspire attraction that leads to true love?

Stop doing what hasn’t worked for you, and start doing something new to get new results.

Where do you start?

Researchers who study the science of attraction and dating chemistry suggest that the best way to attract true love is to connect on a heart level with potential matches.

How do you reach someone’s heart?

a. Through their stomach, by cooking or taking them out for their favorite foods?
b. Through their mind, by having great conversations about important issues and ideas?
c. Through their body, by having sex as often as possible to bond in physical levels?
d. Through their spirit, by revealing your spiritual beliefs and core values to bond on profound levels?
e. Through their friendship, by listening and offering helpful advice about life and love, whenever it’s requested?
f. Through all of the above?

What’s your top choice?

Each choice inspires attraction on some levels, with no guarantee of creating true, lasting love.

Even option “F”, trying to reach someone’s heart on many levels, still may not create a passionate connection that lasts. Why?

Because of a magical missing link. The best way to reach someone’s heart is to first open your heart before you interact with someone. How?

By always asking yourself what is the most loving thing you can do for yourself in each interaction, in each choice, and by doing it, you radiate healthy self love which attracts even more love like an irresistible love magnet.

By always speaking, breathing, living from your heart, without being afraid of breaking it, you connect to another person’s heart with an invisible thread. When someone accepts it and gives it back to you, then together you begin to weave true love’s tapestry in each loving interaction.

What if you open your heart, yet someone doesn’t reciprocate or connect on a heart level with you?

You know they’re not on your love wavelength. And that’s a good thing. When you recognize this mismatch, what’s the most loving thing you can do for you?

You avoid the heartache of loving someone who can’t love you the way you desire and deserve to be loved. You move on to find your great love, who enthusiastically connects on a heart level and creates true love’s tapestry with you.

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