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Hollywood Rescues A Dead Marriage in Hope Springs – Film Review

Hollywood’s new film, Hope Springs, is a captivating drama-comedy starring Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carrell. It has the emotional depth of Ingmar Bergman’s, Scenes From A Marriage, plus hilarious moments and a happy ending that delights audiences and creates a commercial hit.

Director, David Frankel, and writer, Vanessa Taylor, tenderly tell us the story of the magical rebirth of a dead marriage. It is heartbreaking to watch the dull, lifeless interactions and habits that had developed during the 3 decade marriage of Kay and Arnold, played with quiet intensity by Meryl Streep and bully brilliance by Tommy Lee Jones.

The opening scenes show us what happens to a once-passionate couple when you lack the desire and love skills to keep things fresh and exciting in your relationship.

Fortunately, when Hope Springs, your desire can be revived and love skills can be learned to transform a ho-hum marriage into a hummer. I help couples make this transformation in my work as America’s Love Guide. And I was delighted to see how the renowned couples counselor, subtly played by Steve Carrell, guided eager Kay and resistant Arnold through the process of reviving passion, intimacy, fun and undying love in their marriage.

If your relationship needs a romantic rescue, take mental notes and duplicate the sexercises you discover as Steve Carrell tenderly guides the rebirth of a marriage.

Did makeup artists add vulnerable signs of aging to ageless Meryl Streep, or did the camera simply show us a grownup woman with timeless yearnings for love that transcend a fragile, sometimes frumpy exterior?

Did makeup artists add rigid signs of decades of hard-living in the steely exterior of Tommy Lee Jones, or did the camera simply show us the youthful transformation that occurs when exterior armor dissolves and hibernating passion and joy is revived.

If you’ve settled for sexless, robotic interactions with your partner, you will understand Meryl Streep when she says that she’d rather be alone than feel so alone in her marriage.

Thankfully, she clings to the hope that she and her husband can bring back the feelings that brought them together. And she takes action on her hope, investing her personal savings to discover how to create a relationship that satisfies and delights them again.

I was moved to see how this durable couple made the journey from lost love to the Fire Of Love, and how they showed their grown children and grandchildren that it can be done. The whole family experienced joyful growth, because Kay and Arnold took the emotional and financial risks to rebuild a marriage they love.

It’s an unfortunate statistic that half of married couples, who end up in divorce court and break up families, seem to give up hope that passion, romance and love can be rekindled and sustained for a lifetime.

It’s unfortunate that many couples who stay together actually go from soulmates to roommates, who settle for a dull, disconnected interactions that kill the soul a little more each day.

You discover the remedy that revives a dull, unsatisfying love life as you see how it’s done by Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and love guide, Steve Carrell in Hope Springs.

Young married couples and dating couples may see Hope Springs as a warning against developing habits that stifle love, and as a beacon that reveals love habits you build each day to keep love alive for a lifetime.

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