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Dating Chemistry Test – What's The Top Question To Ask A Potential Love Match?

Would you like to stop dead-end dating? Are you ready to find love and create a great relationship? If so, here’s some great news. You’ve got the right love mindset to attract a perfect match who shares your desire to meet their Great Love and create a relationship built to last.

We all deserve a red-hot relationship with lasting love, and we typically find it through the dating process. Here’s more great news: You can make minor changes in the way you date to make major changes in your dating success and happiness. Want to leave your doubts behind you? You will when you understand that the Great Love you are seeking is seeking you. What’s the best way to find great love?

I encourage single men and women to get to know many potential love matches simultaneously–on platonic levels–until you sort through mis-matches and choose your most compatible match for a serious relationship.

When you meet someone you view as a potential love match, what’s the number 1 question to ask them?

Are you dating anyone?

You want to find out if your desirable date is emotionally available or emotionally entangled with someone else in a casual or sexual dating relationship. Before you open your heart to someone, find out if they are emotionally free to explore the possibilities of moving beyond friendship and forming a relationship with you. Your honesty and that of your potential match is an essential foundation for a healthy relationship.

What if your date avoids an honest answer or acts like they’re hiding something?

It is important to be honest in all of your interactions if you want to build a healthy, happy relationship. Again, there is nothing wrong and no reason to hide the fact that you are meeting many potential matches at once during the sorting process of dating. In fact, I recommend this dating strategy, so you can choose your most compatible love match and avoid the heartache of getting emotionally involved with someone who is otherwise engaged. We all know it’s difficult to be emotionally bonded with several people at once.

It also is difficult to be with someone who doesn’t value honesty. If a potential match seems to be hiding relevant info about their dating life, then they may not be emotionally available nor honest about other aspects of their life. That’s incentive to move on so you can meet your Great Love who’s honest and available to create a great relationship with you.

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Get the red-hot love life you deserve!

Hadley Finch

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