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Dating vs. Texting – If A Date Expects You To Text, It's NEXT!

Dating is getting to know someone up close and personal and letting all of your senses guide you to your best match. It’s sharing a glimpse of your soul, seeing with your heart, listening to meaning beneath words, reading behavior and body language for clues to character, charm, chemistry, communication and kindness. It’s trusting your gut feelings that arise when you’re together and deciding to move closer or apart.

Texting is like dating in Morse code. It fools you into feeling connected through a string of brief notes.  Much of the text’s meaning can be lost or misread because you paint your own spin onto each word based on your fears or feelings.  A compliment like “You’re too cool” can be misread as a sarcastic put down and cause a disconnect because the texter isn’t there to clear the air.

Young texters can fall in or out of love at the speed of write, seemingly unaware that your connection isn’t real until you find out if you each come alive when you’re together in the same place.

Those who date or update by text may not know what they’re missing when you interact with all of your senses firing.  The best way to find out is to stop texting and start being present for a human connection.  This may require you to set a new dating boundary:

If my date wants to stay in touch by text, it’s Next!

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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