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New Dating Trend – Do You Propose Dull Or Exciting Dates?

While doing my regular research on what’s new in the world of online dating sites, I discovered a new dating site in New York City which did away with personal dating profiles and standard emails in favor of proposing dates that begin with the words: “How about we…”
And while I don’t personally think that makes for a great site, it did make me think that you can tell if someone is on your love wavelength by the type of dates you propose or accept.  Here are some examples:

How about we go for drinks?  

That’s a common suggestion, so you might be viewed as boring
How about we pretend to be a couple and take a tour of the French Cooking School as prospective students?

Proposing a make-believe date could classify you as creative and fun.
How about we go to a marriage counselor for a free session knowing nothing but each others names? 

Now you’re suggesting a prankster date.  “Such proposals act like a mating call for quirky singles,” founder of the NY site was quoted as saying.  “These are, ‘I’m a weird person and if you’re weird too, we could get along.'”

There is the artistic date:  attending a pottery class or collaborating on a sidewalk chalk drawing.
And there is a “cool hunting” date, where the goal of the outing is “let’s go find the best margarita.”
Then there are foodie outings.  Taco dates, fondue dates. In April, lobster rolls were the rage, replaced in mid-May by eating oysters.  

Cuisine trends may happen because members of this singles site value doing the latest thing — until other people are doing it, suggested Samuel D. Gosling, a psychologist at University of Texas in Austin.  “You don’t want to miss the trend, but you don’t want to be behind the edge.”

What if you don’t care about being cutting edge when you’re planning a date?

If you’re looking for a fun date idea, see if you like any of these dates: How about we…

attend a swing class and wine tasting?
grab a beer and play a game of ping pong?
learn to read Tarot cards and practice at a bar?
go to the library and leave love notes in books?
hunt for the best cup of coffee on our way to the Film Center?

Thinking bigger?
How about we take cooking class in Tuscany?
Or we volunteer to take care of bears in a Minnesota wilderness preserve?
Or we attend the Superbowl, the Masters or the Kentucky Derby?
(These are a few of the travel opportunities we have in the travel section of our site!)
I hope that this article has sparked your imagination. Remember to show your personality and interests when proposing dates. Finding your true love should be a fun adventure – make it so!

How about we take cooking class in Tuscany or we volunteer to take care of bears in a Minnesota wilderness preserve? Or we attend the SuperBowl, the Masters or the Kentucky Derby?

These are a few of the trips we’ve presented in our dream travel at dream prices.

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