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Episode 58 – Eat Pray Love and Get Smart Love Tips In Julia Roberts Film

If you’re a single guy seeking an awesome, adventurous single woman, you just might meet her in the theater audience for the film, Eat Pray Love. I joined hundreds of amazing women and a few savvy men who were among the first to see Julia Robert portray author Elizabeth Gilbert, whose real-life journey from a breakup to a beautiful new life is the foundation for this film and the bestselling book on which it’s based.

The screenwriters wisely toned down Elizabeth’s whining and rambling that had bogged down the book, and they focused on her quest for emotional peace and spiritual growth during her post-divorce adventures in Italy, India and Bali.

Julia Roberts gives us glimpses into her soul as she faces and transforms her character’s blocks to love. We understand how wanting different things in life had lead to a divorce from her work-in-progress husband, played with perplexed charm by Billy Crudup. Despite the fact that she’s chosen every detail in their home life for 8 years, she finds it dull and empty.

This emptiness fuels her quest to fill it in new, meaningful ways, which do not include having babies nor staying home with a husband who says he loves her even though they keep choosing different paths in life. Liz’s dream is to find meaning while traveling solo, which means “lonely” as she discovers in Italy.

How does she handle her lonely moments after divorce?

She soaks in a tub, eats comfort food, turns to old friends and meets new friends in each country she explores. Through her interactions with new-found friends, she learns how to heal heartbreak through forgiveness and share loving support and family spirit wherever she travels. In Italy, India and Bali, she discovers these insights into love, relationships and spiritual growth:

You can learn to savor the sweetness of doing nothing and feel you deserve pleasure like the Italians, instead of needing to deprive yourself or earn pleasure as a reward for hard work like the Americans;

We must be prepared for endless waves of transformation that will change us–and that’s a good thing;

Each partner in a relationship deserves better than staying together because we’re afraid we’ll be destroyed if we don’t;

Whenever you miss a former lover, you can send them light and love and let them go;

You can select your thoughts like you select your clothes each day;

You can quiet the mind through selfless work like scrubbing the floors;

When you clear clutter out of your mind, God can rush in and fill the empty space with love;

Smile with your face, your mind and even your liver when you sit in quiet meditation and you’ll sense that God dwells within you, as you;

Accept everyone you meet as a teacher;

To find happiness as a couple, it’s good to know what happiness looks like–smiling often and treating each other with loving kindness;

We must take care of our families, no matter where we find them in the world;

You may be afraid to open your heart after heartbreak, yet it is the only way to heal;

Loving may feel scary, like losing balance, yet to lose balance for love is part of living a balanced life.

These love lessons are sweet inspiration because of the tender intimacy that develops between Julia Roberts and friends, including a part-time actor, a life-time medicine man and a mid-life divorced father from Brazil, played with irresistible understanding by Javier Bardem. He gradually reveals his scars from lost love, gains the courage to love again and gives Elizabeth the choice to run toward or run away from all the great possibilities of her own life.

Millions of readers already know her choice. Even so, you’ll delight in the magic that happens as it unfolds onscreen. Eat Pray Love earns 4 chili peppers from me in Santa Fe for its hot chemistry and smart love tips for singles and couples.

And you’ll get smart love tips in hundreds of my articles, radio show and my novel with songs, Tribe Of Blondes, about the adventures in starting fresh and loving again after divorce.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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