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Diet For Great Lovers Part 1 – Shattering A Deadly Myth

Great lovers know that health challenges can shorten your life and ruin relationships. Great lovers love life and do whatever it takes to stay healthy and happy. So great lovers don’t believe the myth that your genes or your doctors control your health destiny.

To help you become a great lover, we shatter this deadly myth and give you control of your health and happiness in Part 1 highlights of my radio interview for A Lasting Love with two top experts, who reveal how diet heals your body and relationships:

Dr. Mary Ann Block often tells millions of TV viewers how eating right heals depression, ADHD, and even cures terminal illness. Her best-selling books include, No More HDHD, No More Antibiotics, Just Because You’re Depressed Doesn’t Mean You Have Depression, and Today I Will Not Die–the story and diet plan that cured her mother’s terminal lung cancer.

Cherie Calbom introduced the life-saving benefits of Juicing For Life to millions of people in dozens of her best-selling books. She’s a nutrition coach to the stars and to everyone who wants to look and feel like a star.

Hadley: It’s easier to find great love, overcome challenges and create a great love life, when you look and feel your best. People may understand why depression, ADHD, relationship conflicts and chronic illness can lead to breakups and divorce. 

People may not understand this:  Just because you’re depressed, doesn’t mean you have depression. 
Just because your ADHD causes you to get bored with a lover, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to failed relationships.  Just because you come home from work and blow your temper, it doesn’t mean you’re mean or unlovable. 
Just because you receive a terminal diagnosis, it doesn’t mean you have to live up to it. 
Dr. Mary Ann, how did you discover that we prevent or cure symptoms of illness by eating right?

Dr. Mary Ann: I went to med school at age 39 to find out how to save my daughter, and I figured out that psychiatric drugs prescribed for her bladder infection had nearly killed her. While in Med School, I observed that the whole system is set up to prescribe drugs. When most doctors set up practice, they may get 7 minutes to see a patient and write a prescription to cover up their symptoms.

I wanted to find the underlying cause of symptoms and heal it, so opted out of that system and trained to become a doctor of osteopathy instead. I learned how our good health depends on eating the right foods, when I took three biochemistry courses that most MD’s don’t take, because they’re trained to prescribe pharmaceuticals.

Hadley: People never get sick from a lack of pharmaceuticals. It’s usually from a lack of healthy nutrition, which we need to keep our immune system and body stronger than the bugs or toxins that attack us. That’s why I often say that real health care reform begins on the farm and in the kitchen. Cherie, how did you figure out that we take control of our health and happiness by eating right?

Cherie: It started with my story. When I was 30 and still single, I became so sick with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue that I had to quit my job and move back home. I slept 12 hours a day, and yet I still had no energy. I couldn’t walk around the block, because my body hurt so much. My Doctor said I was depressed, and he wanted to prescribe drugs. I refused. I may have felt depressed that I was too young to be so sick and unable to create a great life. Yet I knew there had to be a safer way than drugs to stop my pain and regain my health.

Hadley: How did you find the safe path to your full recovery?

Cherie: I went to health food stores and started talking to people. I found one old book that mentioned the healing benefits of juicing. It didn’t have any recipes, so I bought a juicer and experimented with fruits and vegetables. I stayed on my juicing and whole-foods program, and then I woke up one morning feeling like somebody gave me a new body in the middle of the night. I had energy. I started jogging again, when I hadn’t been able to do that in years. Then I got my masters in nutrition to become a credible expert in healing with food.

Hadley: And Cherie has empowered millions of people to change your diet to change your health in her best-selling books. Which foods healed Cherie’s fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue? Which foods heal other chronic or terminal illnesses? How long do you need to eat right to heal your body?

Find out in Part 2 highlights of my radio conversation with Cherie Calbom and Dr. Mary Ann Block. Or listen to our conversation now, by clicking here.

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Hadley Finch

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