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Online Dating To Find Love – Are You Afraid Of Rejection?

The subject of rejection is a very sensitive issue both in online dating – and dating in general.

In fact, many single men and women shy away from online dating sites, because they fear that they are just one more way to be rejected. That fear is a false barrier to great love.

You break through your barrier to love and rev up your self confidence when you see online dating with new eyes. You understand that the great love you are seeking is seeking you. And you find each other faster, when you see dating as a sorting process that identifies your mis-matches and your best matches.

Online dating offers a million opportunities to be accepted by a wonderful love match.

And yes, it is true that everyone you contact may not reciprocate your interest or attraction. That’s a good thing, because you don’t waste your valuable time with a match who’s not attracted to the qualities you bring to a relationship.

Online dating speeds up the sorting process, so that you don’t over-invest in people, who don’t feel a mutual click of interest.

Each time you give or receive a NEXT signal from a potential match, give a silent cheer of thanks. Why? It means you are one step closer to meeting the special person you desire and deserve. It means you radiate healthy self love, optimism and gratitude, which attract love like a love magnet.

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