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Do Blondes Have More Fun And Income?

When I was flying to Orlando to speak at Inspiration2020 this past weekend, I read in Southwest Magazine how blond-haired women consistently out-earn brunettes. In a 2010 study of 20,000 Caucasian women living in the United States, researchers at Queensland University of Technology in Australia found that flaxen-haired females earn 7 percent more than brunettes.

Lead researcher, David W. Johnston compares the “blond wage premium” to the pay hike you’d receive from an extra year of education, and speculates that the increase–which occurs regardless of career field–may be due to the cultural link between blond women and beauty. Johnston concludes that employees who are perceived to be attractive are “more confident, have greater communication and social skills.”

I formed the Tribe of Blondes around far more valuable and attractive qualities. Not a hair color, it’s the resilient optimism that unites us, helps us overcome challenges, believe in great love and create great relationships.

Since your relationship success predicts your level of success in every aspect of life, I’d like to help you to develop the resilient, optimistic “blonde” spirit as your pathway to even greater fun, income and success in life and love.

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