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Double Your Income Doing What You Love in 2019

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Hadley: You’re about to discover how to make a
simple shift that ends money worries, which are a
leading cause of relationship stress and breakups,
especially in our challenging economy.

Imagine how great you’ll feel when you stop
thinking about problems and start focusing on
solutions that you’re going to love.
What if you could use a simple step-by-step remedy
to not only end your money worries, but also double
your income by doing more of what you love each
day? Does that sound good? Well, it gets even

What if, as a bonus, you will love using proven
success secrets, like writing annual love letters,
enjoying instant gratification without guilt,
creating annual backwards goals and achieving them
quickly, without struggling?

What if you could make even minor changes in where
you focus your attention to make major changes in
your life, work and relationships?

I’m happy to say we’re here to help you turn these
“what if’s” into reality. So pay close attention
to the great success tips you’ll get as I chat with
my guest, Raymond Aaron.

He is a co-author of two Chicken Soup For The Soul
books and a world-renowned success strategist and
mentor, who was built a multimillion dollar
business by doing what he loves. Raymond also
wrote the New York Times bestselling book, Double
Your Income Doing What You Love. And he’s here to
help us do just that.
Welcome Raymond Aaron.

Raymond: My pleasure. I’m honored to be on your
show, Hadley.

Hadley: And I’m honored to have you here. Before
we help our listeners end money worries by doing
more of what they love, I’d like to ask you a
personal question that relates to creating a
lasting love, especially for people who travel a
lot on business.

I’ve watched you speak at many conferences in
recent years, and I know your business travel
demands take you away from home a lot.
So what’s your success secret that keeps you
feeling close and connected to your wife and
family, even while you’re away so often on

Raymond: I’m really glad you asked that. It’s a
critically important issue, whether you travel a
lot like me, or whether you’re home all the time.
And that is, everybody wants a great relationship.
Everybody wants a marriage to last and be blissful.
But everyone knows the divorce rate is fifty
percent. It’s worse than that, because if you look
at the relationships that are still together, half
of them are crappy. Half of them are really bad

Hadley: Unfortunately, that’s true. They need

improved love skills to improve interactions.

Raymond: Yes. So if you take a hundred marriages
and fifty end in divorce, then the fifty that are
together, half of them may be crappy. That’s a
seventy five percent failure rate, Hadley, seventy
five percent.

That means, if every three times out of four that
you got into your car you smashed into a brick
wall, you pretty soon stop getting into your car.
But there is no slowing down of people wanting to
get married. They eagerly jump in. And when I say
to them, “The success rate is twenty five percent.
How are you sure you’re going to make it?”
They say silly things to me like, “We’re in love.”
That’s what everybody who gets married says.

Hadley: Or, “We’re soul mates.” Oh, oh. Your
dating relationship may be doomed, probably within
six weeks.

Raymond: I’ve been a student of this, because I’m
in a marriage now that is so up lifting. I thank
my wife every day. I’m grateful every day for how
spectacular she is, for how wonderful a home she
has created with me.

I’ve been thinking deeply about what the secret is.
We know it’s not money, because the divorce rate
is highest in Hollywood than anywhere in the world.

And we know it is not the same skin color, because
there is no difference between the divorce rate,
whether it is intermarriage or same race. There is
no difference if it’s intermarriage with respect to

In fact, the only marriages that last longer are
the arranged marriages, but that’s because there’s
a prohibition of getting out of those marriages.

Hadley: They also match you according to life
history, values, family—

Raymond: In theory.

Hadley: In theory, but there are a lot of people
who are happy with that. Or they settle for that.

Raymond: They settle for it. So what I found is
that it’s respect, and being impressed, being in
awe of—not bowing to in a subservient way.
It’s saying to yourself about the other, “Wow. Am
I ever impressed with you, really impressed with
you. I’m honored to be with you.”
Because I’m so honored to be with my wife. I’m
really impressed with her skills and abilities.
And so she is of me.

And that’s one reason I’ve created an amazing
program, and I’m going to tell you about it.
Besides making you money, it dramatically improves
your marriage and your chances of marital bliss.
What I’m going to be talking about, what I’ve
become a world expert in, is having you do
something which builds up other people’s respect
for you enormously.

So not only by coincidence does it help your own
self-esteem rise and rise and rise, but also it
improves other people’s opinion of you. And when
other people’s opinion of you rises, there is no
end to your success, both financially and in

Hadley: That’s true. Yet ultimately, your opinion
of yourself is what really matters. So we also
want to give our listeners the love skills you need
to fall in love with yourself and your life, and
stay in love with your partner, and choose wisely.
So we’ve got a lot to learn today. Let’s get

You know The Secret and the Law of Attraction say
that we get more of what we focus on. So let’s
focus our attention on our listeners who tuned in
today to end of their money worries.
How do you help people change where they focus
their attention to change their life quickly and
easily? I know that’s one of your gifts.

Raymond: Okay, good. I’m going to change the
wording a slight bit, Hadley. I don’t want them to
get welfare. And just because you’re wealthy,
doesn’t mean you’re going to be more successful.
Larry King is on his seventh marriage. Lots of
people with lots of money don’t have lasting

I’m going to teach your listeners how to improve
other people’s respect for them so enormously that
their income automatically will go up, and their
relationship will so improve, because their spouse
will be so impressed with them. And it’s not
superficial. It’s very deep.

If I didn’t respect my wife as much, I wouldn’t
treat her as well. Now, I might want to treat her
nicely. But if inside me I don’t respect her that
much, I don’t treat her that well, who cares? I’m
not saying that’s true for me. I’m saying
psychologically, that’s the statement.
What if you’re about to meet somebody amazing, like
the Queen or Richard Branson, or some really famous

Because you’re in awe of them, you treat them
really well. You show up early. You treat them
with great respect. You make sure you say all the
nice things about them or to them. That’s what
happens when there’s more respect flying around.
What I found is that is when you write a book, the
respect that other people have for you just
skyrockets. It’s just shocking.

For example, one of my clients is a realtor.
She’s not a particularly great realtor. She’s been
out of realtor school for a year, and she’s only
helped two people buy a house in the first year.
Hadley: That’s not bad in this market though.
Raymond: Yes, I know. But her end of the
commissions added up to $20,000. She was living
under the poverty line. So what I told her was
that her new brand is: “I’m the realtor that gets
you into a home larger than you thought you could
She went nuts. She said, “If that’s my brand,
then everybody will want me to be their realtor.”
I said, “Yes. But if you say so, it hardly
matters. You have to have something to prove it.”

Hadley: It’s has to be without struggling
financially, too.

Raymond: Yes, for sure. Oh, I’m not talking about
a more expensive home. I’m talking about larger.
It’s getting into a home larger than you thought
you could afford. Not more expensive, but less
expensive and larger, so you’re getting more value
for your buck.

Hadley: I’m glad those deals are out there. So
tell us your secret.

Raymond: The secret is this. I said, “Don’t line
up testimonials, because some people will believe
and some won’t. But there something you can do
that nobody will challenge you on, and that is
write a book.”

She said, “What will the book be entitled?” And I
said, “How To Get Into A Home Larger Than You
Thought You Could Afford.”
She went berserk. She got it immediately. And now
here’s what she does.
Let’s say she’s at a party or business gathering.
When people ask her name and her occupation, she
says, “I’m Jill. I’m a realtor who specializes in
getting you into a home larger than you thought you
could afford.”

They think, “Really?” Here is the killer line. If
they ask you for a business card, I told Jill to
say, “I don’t have a business card, but I do have a
book, How To Get Into A Home Larger Than You
Thought You Could Afford.”
They gasp. And Jill says, “I think I have one may
briefcase. Oh, I do.”
You pull it out. You autograph it for them. You
give it to them. They will never throw it away.
That’s the most valuable, most powerful business
card you ever could have.

Hadley: Especially if you autograph it.
Raymond: Yes. You autograph it. You have your
contact information on the signature page. And
what happens is, people throw away business cards
every night. They get home. They empty their
wallets and throw away all the business cards they
got that day. But nobody throws away an
autographed book.

And I’m not talking only realtors, or dentists, or
acupuncturists. I’m talking about everybody.
Everybody including employees. Employees need to
have a book. Because right now most people live in
an arena that I call, “invisibility.”
Almost everybody is invisible. Ninety nine percent
of employees are invisible. They are not known by
And when they get downsized, or fired, or laid off,
they do two things. They update their resume, and
then they send their resume to complete strangers.

And the reason they send it to complete strangers
is because nobody knows them. If they knew
anybody, they could send their resume to the person
they know, but they don’t know anybody.

Hadley: So what you’re really saying is for each
person to look at your set of skills, your
expertise, either at work, or a hobby, or something
you truly love to do. Then you probably could
write a book about it, to tell someone else how to
do exactly that.

And then by doing so, you raise your respect in
your mate or date, and in yourself. And then
you’ve raised your level of communicating in all
your interactions and increased your joy and your
passion and your fun.

Raymond, you’re onto something here. Writing a
book could be your greatest key to dating success
and relationship success.

Raymond: So let’s look at it from three points of
view. One is the topic of your show, and that’s
dating and marital bliss. Another is within you
personally. The third is financially. Let’s talk
about dating or marriage.

When your partner has more respect for you, then
your odds of your relationship not only lasting,
but lasting blissfully, gigantically increase.
Now, let’s talk about within yourself. Your
self-esteem will rise when you say to somebody,
“Yes, I wrote the book on that.”
They say, “He wrote the book on it? Wow.” And
then you feel proud about yourself being able to
say that.
And then thirdly, not in any particular order, your
income will go way up.
When I wrote my first book I was a twenty two
year-old kid. I was working for KPMG, the largest
accounting firm in the world. I wrote my first
book. I self published it. I showed it to my
boss. It had nothing to do with what I was working
on at KPMG, and they gave me a $5,000 a year raise,
right on the spot.
They said, “You wrote a book. You’re worth more.”
And the book had nothing to do with KPMG or
accounting. Yet I got a raise, because I
differentiated myself.

Hadley: It took courage to do that, to trust your
vision and your voice and get it out there. I
would personally attest that you’ve got a system
that gives people a step-by-step program on how to
do this.

I’ll ask you to tell people how to find it later.
But first, I want to remind everybody my guest is
Raymond Aaron, a world-famous success coach, who
sold millions of books by giving people some
Chicken Soup For The Soul, and by helping you
Double Your Income Doing What You Love.

Raymond, I understand that you’re going to help our
listeners do just that with a gift book they can
download on your website.
Raymond: Well, if you want a copy of my book, you
can have it for free. Just go to my name,
aaron.com And right there on the home page you
can download my best selling book, Double Your
Income Doing What You Love for free. No strings
Just go to aaron.com and click on the button
saying, “download the book.” Then you’ll get my
entire book. Not just the first chapter or two,
but you get the entire book for free.

Hadley: I encourage everyone to do this. I’ve read
the book. I’ve seen Raymond Aaron speak at
conferences all over the country, and I know that
he’s got the success secrets in this book that
really can transform your life, your work life and
all of your relationships.

So I encourage you to go there today and claim this
amazing gift. Before we tell people how to write a
book, give them an example what skills and success
secrets they can learn, when they download, Double
Your Income Doing What You Love.

Raymond: Exactly what I was going to do.

Hadley: I’ve got something I want to know right
away. I want instant gratification. But some of
us may think that’s a bad thing.

You say, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing
right now.” So Raymond, how do we stop delaying
gratification and start achieving our best goals
right now?

Raymond: In the very first chapter of Double Your
Income Doing What You Love, I teach you how to
deposit $1,000 every month into your savings
account. And you can even deposit $10,000 a month
into your savings account. As hard as it is for
you to believe that, I teach that in the first
chapter. I guarantee it.

Hadley: Yes. That’s a very clever way. Some
people might think it’s a mind game, but it’s
really the way you tap into the universal power to
propel you toward your goals. It’s amazing and
worth downloading the book just for that secret.

Raymond: Thank you for saying that, Hadley. Also
in the first chapter, I will teach you how to go on
an exotic, prepaid vacation every month—a one week
vacation every month.
I do that. I’ve been doing that for many years,
and I teach you that in the very first chapter.

I teach you how to write goals in a unique way that
no one else in the world does. I patented it. It
is so powerful that the goals actually achieve

In fact, so many of my clients have called me and
said that they’re so mystified. They had this
unfulfilled goal inside, and they write their goal
my way. Then it achieves itself so fast, they
don’t even have a word to describe it. I had to
make one up. And the word that I made up is

Hadley: That’s perfect. It’s really perfect. A
lot of people might not know there is a right way
and a wrong way to set and record your goals. You
also get that correct strategy when you download
your gift book. So there’s another reason to do
that now.

Raymond: Right. It’s an entire book with lots of
very, very clever ways. I’ve been respected by
Robert Kiyosaki, by Jack Canfield, by Mark Victor
Hansen, by Les Brown, by some of the most famous
people in the world who acknowledged this as the
number one most powerful goal attainment book.
You can use it for money, or you can use it for
relationships. I use the tools in that book every
single month to make sure my marriage gets better
and better and better—not to fix something that’s
broken, but to make sure it’s great, stays great,
and gets better. And my wife loves it. She just
totally loves it.

Hadley: Let’s talk about another success tool in
the book. Writing love letters is a great way to
sustain romance with a beloved partner. But
writing your annual love letters also ensures that
you do only what you love. How does that process

Raymond: You have to write your annual letters
backwards. What I mean by that is this:
You write your goals, let’s say at the beginning of
the calendar year. The bigger the goal is, the
more difficult it is. Like if you earn $100,000 a
year, and your goal is that you want to earn
$200,000 a year. That sounds heavy. It sounds
difficult. “Maybe I won’t achieve it.”
But if you pretend you’re on the last day of the
goal year, you’re on December 31st already looking
back and congratulating yourself for achieving it,
then the bigger the goal is the better.
I write goals backwards. I write goals as if they
were in the past tense, as if I’m on the last day
of the year, looking back.

Instead of saying my goal is to earn a certain
amount of money this year, what I say is, “I’m so
grateful that I currently earned this amount of
And the law of attraction immediately gets
implemented. Because the reptilian brain, which is
your subconscious brain, doesn’t have any ability
to distinguish right from wrong, truth from
That’s because when you were a caveman, and there
was a rustling noise behind you, you didn’t have
time to decide if this is just a friend tricking
me, or if this is a sabertooth tiger about to eat
me. You had to be able to react immediately.
So the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference
between that which is true and that which is not,
between that which is real and that which is
So if you say, “Oh, I’m so grateful that I earned
$200,000 this year,” the subconscious mind takes
that in and starts implementing.

Hadley: Some people got goofed up on The Secret
film by thinking you can just imagine this. The
important missing link is that you also have to
take the right actions. And you also guide people
in your book exactly how to do that.

Another way some success coaches encourage you is
to imagine the end of your life, and write your own
eulogy—listing everything you want to accomplish.
Then just live up to it. Actually, you help people
do that in your book by writing your backwards

Raymond: That’s right. It’s one thing to write
your own eulogy, but that’s typically too big and
too strategic for most people. When you write it
one year at a time, then you know exactly what to

I was one of the forty teachers in the world filmed
for the movie, The Secret. And one of the things
that I stressed in my contribution, which is maybe
why she didn’t put it in the movie, is you can’t
just think it, imagine it. You actually have to DO
something. That’s probably why she didn’t put my
contribution in the movie.

Hadley: Right. They wanted to sell the fantasy at

Raymond: That’s right. So I know how to actually
get it into action, and that’s what I do. And you
can have a copy at aaron.com.
Just go there, hit the button, download the entire
book. Read it and enjoy it. No strings attached.
I’d love to give it to you. And also to make you
an offer, if you’d like to learn about that.

Hadley: Let’s hold that for one thought, because
there’s one more thing that I want to talk about.
Nobody starts a new year with a resolution to
become narrow and one dimensional. Yet that’s
exactly what can happen, if you don’t learn how to
create a holistic vision for your life and your
love life.
Raymond, you recommend that we take daily steps on
six different paths to create the richest, fullest
life possible. Will you just rattle off those six
paths we should step on every day?

Raymond: Yes, and I am really glad you gave me an
opportunity to do that. Because it’s true that men
who work very hard, for example, become
one-dimensional, and they lose their marriage.
And women become one-dimensional in raising their
children. “Raising my children is my only
important task of this lifetime.”
That’s cute to say. But at the end of the twenty
five years, the kids are gone and the woman has
Or at the end of twenty five years of overworking,
the man’s got nothing. So being one-dimensional
doesn’t work—no matter how uplifting and lofty is
your goal, like caring for children.

Hadley: You’ve got the antidote in this book that
everybody can download for free. Let’s talk about
the antidote.

Raymond: The antidote is called, “Mainly”—
M.A.I.N.L.Y. It’s (an acronym) for six pathways
of life.
When you write a goal in each of the six pathways
every month, like I do and all my clients around
the world do, that’s the antidote against being
one-dimensional. It’s the way to move forward
holistically in your life.
The M in MAINLY stands for mess. You must clean a
mess every single month.
The A stands for acknowledgment. You must
acknowledge someone. For you, Hadley, and for your
listeners, you would acknowledge your spouse in a
wonderful way.
If it’s January, you work with them in creating
some wonderful vacation this year. If it’s
February, you do some surprise on Valentine’s Day.

Every single month you acknowledge somebody. If
you want your love life to be great, you
acknowledge your boyfriend or girlfriend in some
wonderful way each month.

Hadley: These are exciting and add fun to your
life. So listen closely, because these steps will
cure a fun deficiency in your life.
What’s the I in MAINLY?

Raymond: The I is increase in wealth. And this
is where you put any financial goal.
N is new. You have to do something new. The world
is changing so fast that you can’t keep doing same
old, same old or the world will leave you behind.

Hadley: It’s also a way to keep things fresh and
exciting in your relationship—if you have that goal
to plan a new fun surprise, at least once a month.

Raymond: I do this all the time with my wonderful
Karen. I will do something new with her.
For example, we live in the country (in Canada),
and we usually go on vacations in some exotic other
place. We might go to California. We might go to
Once I decided I would do something new. I took
her downtown, because we live out in the country,
downtown to a boutique hotel.
We had a spa treatment together, and we walked
across the street to a first-class restaurant. We
watched a movie in our room. And we just had a
spectacular time.
It was one day. And that one day was as if we had
spent a week away in another country. So doing
something new is really wonderful.

Hadley: The L. What’s the L in MAINLY?

Raymond: L is learn. Because the knowledge base
in the world is changing so rapidly that you can’t
be content with what you learned before. You have
to keep learning.
It could in be learning in some technological
sense, like learning a new computer program, or
learning more about your spouse. It could be
writing a book together, talking about it with your
spouse. There’s lots and lots of important
learning that we need to do every single month.

Hadley: What I advise couples to do to keep your
relationship fresh is to have a date night at least
once a week. You don’t talk about kids, career,
duties or deadlines.
You talk about something new. Maybe something that
you’ve read, to keep up with what’s going on in the
world. And you do something fun that you both
That’s critical to keeping things fresh and
exciting in your relationship.
So now let’s hear about the Y in MAINLY.

Raymond: Y is yourself. Doing something just for
It could be yoga, if you’ve always wanted to do
yoga. Could be taking a walk. It could be
whatever it is you want—whatever you’ve always
wanted to do. You get to do it every month.
M is cleaning a mess. You think you have
thousands of messes in your life, but you probably
only have a dozen. They stay around forever, and
so you think you have millions. You clean a mess
each month.
A is acknowledging someone, particularly your
spouse, each month.
I is increasing wealth.
N is doing something new.
L is learning.
Y is doing something just for yourself.
When you write six goals in the patented way that I
teach you in my book, which I’m giving you for
free, then you will move forward holistically in
all six pathways of life.

Hadley: Excellent. I help people fall in love
with themselves by using success skills and healthy
self-love, plus gratitude—like you encourage people
to feel every day for all your blessings and for
your partner.
This charges your love magnet and makes you attract
love, like a love magnet. So I support all of
these MAINLY goals to improve every aspect of your
One thing that may help people fall in love with
themselves is to also—I know you’re encouraging
people to look inside and get that book out. You
make it so simple that they can do it. Will you
tell them your formula?

Raymond: They won’t even believe it. The formula
is 10-10-10. You write a book of ten chapters in
ten hours of your own time—not one to five years,
but ten hours.

I’ve written seven books. I know how to write
books in one to four years, but I’ve recently
invented a way to write a book in ten hours.
And you get it out in ten weeks. In ten weeks
you’re handing it out to prospects, giving it to
your lover, selling it on Amazon. However you want
to do it—10-10-10 is a book of ten chapters in ten
hours of your own time. And Hadley is one of my

Hadley: Yes. That’s true. I must say I’d spent a
few years writing my novel, Tribe Of Blondes, about
the adventures of breakup survivors finding love
online and happiness in relationships.

But 10-10-10 is not for a fiction book. This is
something from your life. And when you use
Raymond’s formula, he just makes it so easy to
follow, step-by-step-by-step. And voila, there is
your book.

Raymond: Now you may not know what to write the
book on, but listen carefully. When you register
for my program, I will personally work with you. I
personally will make sure you have the right topic
for you, and the right title for you. Everything
is step-by-step.
In the accompanying manual, I tell you exactly how
many minutes it takes for each step. All those
minutes add up to ten hours, and it’s done.
It means you’ve got the competitive edge over
everybody else—over other people whose marriages
aren’t doing well, over other salespeople, other
employees. You’ll make more money and have a
better relationship. You not only will have the
edge, but you will own the edge.
I created a special website, owntheedge.com. And I
personally will help you get the book out faster
than you ever thought possible, dramatically
increase your own self-esteem, dramatically
increase the odds of you having a fabulous
relationship because of the respect your partner
will have for you. On top of that, increase your
income, which is always wonderful.

Hadley: Also, I want to make a connection. One of
the secrets in Raymond’s book, Double Your Income
Doing What You Love, is to strengthen your
I help people do that when they’re trying to find
or renew love. I’m finding that some people need
help in even identifying their strengths or special
You help people do that in the free book you’re
giving everyone.

Raymond: The website is my name, aaron.com Go
there and download my bestselling book for free.
You can go to Amazon and buy the hardcover
published by John Wiley & Sons out of New York.
You can buy it at $25 or $30 on Amazon, or you can
download it for free.

What you’re going to find is there is a way to
identify your strengths. And when you focus on
your strengths and make your strengths stronger,
your income will skyrocket and relationships will
improve, because you’re being truly yourself.
Your weaknesses are not something you should work
on. If you work on your weaknesses, by the end of
your life you have many hard weaknesses. They are
always going to be your weaknesses.
Nobody is strong in everything, and nobody wants to
be strong in everything. That’s a fantasy.
You become wealthy and you become valuable as a
relationship partner when you have certain
strengths, and you delegate your weaknesses.

Hadley: That is excellent. A lot of coaches tell
you the opposite.

Raymond: Schools tell you the opposite. Schools
tell you to get a math tutor, and everyone has to
do their own homework, even if you’re lousy in that
And what I say is, “School has badly misled you.
Do what your strengths are.”
The reason that people like to be clients of mine
is that they like my strengths. They don’t buy me
because of my weaknesses. They buy me because of
my strengths.
Everybody who is successful sells their strengths.
They don’t sell their weaknesses.

Hadley: Raymond, I want to thank you for your
generosity in sharing all these success tips, and
also giving our listeners a free copy of your New
York Times bestselling book on aaron.com
Before we go, do you have a final success tip?

Raymond: I do. One last comment is that snowmen
fall to earth unassembled. And what I mean by that
is, when other people see snow falling, all they
see is snow falling.
But when you see snow falling, I want you to
imagine what you can build with it. I want you to
see past the snow, which is the blur that stops
other people.
I want you to be able to see past the snow to the
snowmen that can be created. Because when you do
that, nothing can stop you in your life. You will
have the blessing of a spectacular marriage, like I

Hadley: I love it. Raymond, thanks again for all
your generous sharing of all these success secrets
and love secrets.

Before I say “Good-bye,” I want to congratulate
each of you for tuning in today. Just by taking
this one step, you’ve acknowledged that you want to
end money worries and get more out of life by doing
more of what you love.
You’ve just discovered many ideas to help you.
Once your mind is stretched by new ideas, it never
shrinks back to its original dimension.
So what’s your next step?

Take new actions on new ideas to get new results.
Will you write your annual backwards goals and take
actions, as if you’ve already achieved them?

Will you write an annual love letter to yourself,
and then write another one to your great love to
help them feel special and appreciated?

I encourage you to use at least one new idea to
help you get all the happy, sexy love you desire.

 NOTES: I discovered the correct way to
write my annual goals backwards. I discovered how
to holistically develop and grow in six areas by
identifying and fulfilling my MAINLY goals.
I understand the importance of developing respect
in a relationship. I will show more respect for my
partner by:


I will increase my partner’s respect for me by:


I am most inspired by one new idea from Raymond
Aaron. It is:

I will take action on it, starting right now, by
doing this:

I will download Raymond Aaron’s bestselling book,
Double Your Income Doing What You Love, at no
charge at aaron.com

In Raymond’s book, I will discover how to write
love letters and annual goals, how to get instant
gratification without guilt, how to enrich my life
and relationships now.


Go use this news to make 2019 the best year ever,


Hadley Finch

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