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Episode 48 – Vacation From Vows–Can Affairs Save Your Marriage?

Many married individuals who have affairs end up in divorce court after their breech of marriage vows is discovered. Yet one relationship expert suggests that you can save a marriage from a break up with a little vacation from your vows. One website even arranges affairs for married individuals. Though I’m not endorsing this strategy, you will learn something about improving relationships when you examine the notion that you can save your marriage with a successful affair.

What’s the secret of a successful marital affair?

Secrecy. Successful marital affairs remain undiscovered by the unsuspecting spouse. The married participant in the affair stays married, so the affair never causes the break up of a marriage.

A relationship expert named Dana Hunter says it can be argued that without the release and excitement of the affair, the home relationship may have broken down completely.

Why have an affair instead of getting a divorce?

Dana Hunter tells her clients that marriages may reach a point where the excitement and love have simply died away, and yet there are still enough reasons to stay together. There is still affection, children, family, mutual friends and shared financial interests that you don’t want to lose.

All of these factors may mitigate the desire for a divorce, when your needs for love and a sexual outlet are fulfilled in a secret, successful affair.

Dana Hunter recommends a website that claims it uses a search engine to arrange affairs with discretion and it offers safeguards to ensure that an affair remains secret, and hence successful.

I must play devil’s advocate for a moment. What if your affair is a failure, hence discovered?

What if:

* You’re possessed with a need to confess, or you fall in love with your part-time lover?
* You get caught by your suspicious spouse who has you followed, or because you’re a lousy liar?
* A willing partner in your secret affair threatens to tell your spouse unless you pay them a tidy sum?
* Your brief vacations from your vows and lack of honesty set into motion a harsh karma in your life?

Aren’t all affairs discovered on energetic levels?

We have built-in truth detectors including intuition, suspicions or fears which can cause an emotional divide that you can’t hide.

Before signing up for a risky secret affair, I’d like to suggest that you face the issues that divide you with kind-hearted honesty instead of secrecy and find ways to rekindle the spark with your partner.

If this isn’t an option, there are many honorable steps you can take to end your failed marriage with a successful divorce.

And you’ll find more leading edge advice on how to create happy relationships with lasting love in hundreds of my articles and in my novel with songs, TRIBE OF BLONDES. Not a hair color, it’s a resilient vibrant spirit that unites us and creates happy relationships.

Dedicated to our relationship happiness,

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