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Online Dating Guide – Are You Making 5 Internet Dating Mistakes?

Recent statistics indicate that 1 out of 8 couples who married last year had met online. If you truly want to find love online and live your dreams now, then avoid making any of these 5 internet dating mistakes and find out what to do instead:

Mistake #1: Letting common excuses stop you from meeting your best love match online

What are common excuses?

Who has time or money to look?
I tried a dating site with no luck.
All the good ones are taken.
If it’s meant to be, my mate will find me.
Online dating is too risky.

What to do instead:

Accept the fact that millions of savvy singles meet their best love match on internet dating sites. Don’t expect to find your best match in a trial weekend, week or even months on a site. The success blueprint is to commit to your online search for as long as it takes to find your best match so you don’t drop out on the eve of meeting your ideal partner.

Know that dating sites have built-in safeguards against risk:
You choose a screen name.
You don’t give out private contact information until you’ve chatted in video, talked by phone or met in a public place.
You don’t enter a serious relationship without doing a background check.
(NetDetective.com gives you thorough background reports for $29 for 3 years membership)

Mistake #2: Not responding to every email from singles on your dating site

Many people delete an email introduction from a potential match that doesn’t fit your ideals. This is rude and sends negative energy into your love quest.

What to do instead:

Either write a polite reply or send a “No Thanks” auto reply to let people know you’re not interested. Send kind energy to all, so that you attract a kind, loving match.

Mistake # 3: Writing a dating profile that explains what you don’t want

This repels positive people who are attracted to other positive, optimistic, resilient singles.

What to do instead:

Describe the best qualities you bring to a relationship and desire in your best match. You get more of what you focus on, so be positive so you attract a positive match with the best qualities to create a happy relationship.

Mistake # 4: Traveling to meet a virtual date without paying your own way.

When a man or woman allows a potential match to pay for your travel or take care of your lodging, then you can feel like you owe them something when you meet face-to-face. What if you don’t want to deliver?

What to do instead:

When you travel to meet a virtual date, it is smart to pay your travel expenses and stay in your own safe haven. Then you remain free to decide whether or not you want to start a relationship, without feeling beholding to anyone but yourself.

Mistake # 5: Trying to trick a virtual date into meeting you

By posting an old photo, or shaving a decade off your age, or writing an idealized dating profile, you are presenting an inaccurate self portrait that will disappoint your virtual date when you meet in person.

What to do instead:

Be your best you, and be content to reveal how you look and who you are today.

Tell your match about your strengths and best qualities that you bring to a relationship and desire in a partner. Then you will attract a match who loves what you have to offer right now, which increases your chances of attracting genuine love and creating a happy relationship.

Bonus mistake: Never over-promote and under-deliver. Never ask for more than you’ll give and then give whole-heartedly once you enter a relationship.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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