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Episode 51 – Be A Virgin Again After A Break Up or Divorce

Are you nursing your break up wounds and seeking a romantic recovery? Newly single men and women will be refreshed, renewed and ready to end your romantic drought when you learn–

5 Ways To Be A Virgin Again After A Big Break Up, Divorce or Death of a Relationship:

1. Erase the battle scars of your break up or lost love by forgiving yourself and your partner for any hurtful actions

* Pamper your body with massage, hot baths, essential oils, manicures and pedicures that include hand + foot reflexology
* Lift your spirits with upbeat music, friends, books, time in nature, meditation and reflection of beauty
* Revive your dreams and take action on them every day * Remember the love and forget the sad, angry stories of your break up battle or lonely bout of lost love

2. Love your body, flaws and all

* Give thanks for your personal miracle maker that heals your injuries, fights disease and creates new life
* See your lines as love lines, your sags or extra padding as signs you need a boost of nourishment, exercise, self love
* Recharge your health with whole organic foods and safe, elegant alternative healing practices including drinking pure water, getting exercise and doing deep breathing to help you feel calm and energized with oxygen
* Be your own best friend to develop healthy self love which attracts love like a love magnet

3. Keep your sex muscles in shape

* Do Kegel exercises whenever you’re standing in line or waiting for a red light to turn green
* Toss out those blue pills, because men over 50 may get proper nourishment & sexual support by taking these 3 steps

4. Rev up your sexual desire

* Wake up your libido with natural health care and super foods that support healthy sexual desire
*Men and women who’ve lost that lovin feeling should get your testosterone levels returned to optimal levels for healthy desire by a natural health practitioner
* Arouse your sexual fantasies with romantic or erotic films or novels
* Read articles and novels about the adventures in finding love and fulfilling your dreams of love
* Observe the sexual life force in people you meet, like you’re tuning into a new program with good sexual vibrations

5. Get back in the dating world

* Tell your family and friends that you’re ready to date and ask if they know a good match for you
* Expand your dating horizons beyond your neighborhood or workplace
* Seek out single friends interested in socializing and traveling with other singles
* Sign up for a matchmaking service that introduce professional and creative singles over lunch
* Join an online dating site that safely introduces you to savvy singles through video chats, special events or singles travel adventures
* Trust that there is no reason to be alone, at any age, unless you want to be — since there are millions of singles seeking real love across America and around the world.

When you take these 5 steps to become a virgin again after a breakup, divorce or bout of lost love, you clean the slate of a past relationship, you heal heartbreak and maintain a pure, fresh look at life and love. Now you are free to fall in love again as if it’s the first time.

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