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Surviving Infidelity – What Is Your Affair Telling You And Your Mate?

Celebrity affairs often inspire other couples to take the pulse of their relationship. When Tiger Woods admitted he felt entitled to have multiple affairs, he inspired a nod of recognition in other men and women who see sexual dalliances as a perk of their career success.

When Sandra Bullock’s husband was caught having an affair with a tattoo model while Sandra was away filming her academy award winning role in The Blind Side, this public betrayal made many couples wonder whether their trust in their mate is justified.

These two celebrity marriages didn’t survive the emotional fallout of infidelity. How could your marriage survive?

First, find out what the affair is telling you and your mate. Then respond to this message through correct action.

What is the affair telling you or your mate? That you:

* feel entitled to break your vow of loyalty in your marriage?

* want to have the kind of sex that you’d never ask of your partner?

* feel overlooked and under-appreciated in your relationship?

* place your own needs ahead of your partner’s, your children or others who love you?

* have been denied frequent, healthy sex in your relationship?

* use extramarital sex to prove you are attractive, important or to fill an empty void in your life?

* have lost sight of your core values?

* want to feel free and alive again?

* have lost that loving feeling with your mate?

What else could the affair be telling you and your mate?

Jot down a list of possible messages, writing your ideas without editing or judging. When you do some soul-searching to uncover the true message of the affair(s), then you and your partner are ready to respond to these messages by taking action that will bring you closer or cause you to part.

Keeping the messages of the affair(s) in mind, now you and your partner will answer these questions honestly:

Are each of you willing to address the issues that divide you without placing blame but by accepting full responsibility for your role in the breakdown of your relationship?

Are you each willing to resolve these issues by creating a win-win solution?

If you answered a whole-hearted YES to these two questions, then you and your partner have the right mindset to repair and revive your relationship.

What if you or your partner answered NO to one or both questions?

If the partner who wants to save the marriage makes positive changes in attitudes and action plans, this may break negative patterns and inspire positive change in your partner.

However, it’s best to make a mutual commitment to work through these issues in ways that help each of you thrive as a team. Without this, your relationship may not survive the fallout of infidelity.

You can use your relationship success tools to forgive the hurtful things you each did and said or the loving things you each failed to do. If your relationship can’t be repaired from the fallout of infidelity, then these success tools will help you part without malice and thrive in your new single life.

I invite you to share your story of how you survived infidelity in the comment box after this post.
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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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