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Explore Your Love Lessons And Give Thanks For Your Relationships

Will you be an explorer of relationships as you gather for your Thanksgiving feast today?

Many of your relationship building skills were learned from the dear people who surround you during family gatherings. As you gather to give thanks for your bountiful blessings today, this is a chance for you to look at how the couples in your family relate to each other.

Is there a pattern in your family dynamics that you seem to recreate in your relationships?

Through the calm, attentive eyes of an explorer, you may discover a source of your romantic behavior patterns that you cherish or that you could change to create happier relationships.

Could you see your discovery as a love lesson from your greatest teachers?

How could you use this love lesson to improve a relationship?

Is there a heavy weight from your past that you carry into your relationships?  Could you let it go today?

Doing this will give you another reason to give thanks.  Enjoy your blessings today and everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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