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Feeling in Prison during Covid Home Sheltering?

After two months of home sheltering, a divorced friend sent me a two-sentence email:

“I feel like I’m in prison.  How are you doing?”

I’d observed his pessimistic attitude during his legal wrangling of divorce in 2018

and as he faced post-divorce health issues triggered by combining too much wine with

prescription meds.  He turned to me for email guidance then and now again.

You may find some insights that cure a joy deficiency as you read my e-reply to the

recently divorced prisoner in covid lockdown:


Sorry to hear you feel confined in prison during covid sheltering.  Would you like to change that?
You love art.  How about ordering art supplies online and painting abstracts or taking an online
painting or sketching class from home?
You love movies.  What about starting a zoom movie discussion meetup group where you see and discuss
a selected movie on netflix or amazon prime with your group each week?
You love golf.  How about taking online golf instruction? Or buying a virtual golfing system
where you view a top golf course while wearing goggles and you  actually get to play each hole
Soon, the weather will warm up and you’ll play golf at your club again.  Light at the end of the tunnel.
You love to eat good food.  Time to learn how to cook by taking an online course from a popular chef?
You can shop for ingredients from Whole Foods Fresh with free delivery.
Or go to Costco where you must wear mask and gloves to enter, so it’s safe to shop there.
Ever dream about writing songs or playing an instrument?
You’ve got plenty of time now to make that dream real through an online course.
Want to learn how to generate joyful well being as you take a Yale University online course at no charge?
Sign up at this link:  https://www.businessinsider.com/coursera-yale-science-of-wellbeing-free-course-review-overview
Want to get back in shape while on lockdown?
Check your favorite gym, yoga or pilates studio or park district for online exercise classes you may join from home.
What else do you love?  How can you do it more often?
A simple shift it attitude and action plan will help you feel thankful for this delicious time you get to savor at home,
while being exiled for the good of the realm.
Let me know what strategy frees you to feel joy, even during covid lockdown.
What if you’re working at home or home schooling children during home sheltering?
Will you make time for a daily activity you love?
Are you finding other ways to savor time at home?
Share your ideas in the comment box below.
Take impeccable care of yourself to enjoy life even more,
Hadley Finch
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