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Great Love Toolkit – Get The Shocking Formula For Lasting Love

No one’s born knowing how to love deeply, truly, passionately for a lifetime. Few of us have had parents who showed us by their example how to find a win-win way to resolve conflicts, grow through challenges, and spark a lasting fire of love in a relationship. Fortunately, everyone can build the relationship of your dreams as soon as you learn how to use a great love toolkit.

Let’s look at a great love tool that has been proven to bulletproof a relationship and even bring couples back from the brink of divorce. Think of this love tool as a mathematical formula which proves whether your love will last. You’re about to discover a solution that’s so simple and powerful, it may shock you.

What’s the proven formula for lasting love?

Renowned love experts, like John Gottman, teach couples that it takes at least 5 positive interactions to make up for 1 negative interaction with your intimate partner. This means you need at least 5 times more positive interactions than negative ones every day if you want to make love last.

How do you use this news, if you’re in a romantic relationship?

Use this love tool to reverse a downward spiral, revive romantic fun, and spark a lasting love by taking these steps:

* Ask yourself what percentage of daily interactions with your partner are positive and happy ones, and what percentage are negative, unhappy ones?

* Understand that love relationships are either growing and changing or they’re dying, according to universal laws; and to inspire positive growth you have to do something new to get new results you desire.

* Jot down simple things you can do, simple changes you can make to increase the number of positive, happy interactions you have with your partner every day.

* Schedule at least 5 positive interactions in your datebook each day for the next week, and do them as scheduled.

* Remember that what gets measured gets improved, so measure your daily progress by jotting down how initiating positive interactions pulls different behaviors and feelings from your partner and from yourself.

* Continue doing more positive things that improve interactions with your partner; avoid doing things that push hot buttons, hurt feelings or produce unhappy moods and interactions with your partner.

* Be consistent in initiating at least 5 positive, happy interactions with your partner to balance each negative, unhappy one for 21 consecutive days, so you form a new love habit used by happy couples to spark a lasting fire of love.

How do dating singles use this news?

If you’re already dating someone special, take the same steps described above to identify the percentage of time you are happy or unhappy with your dating partner. Take the same steps to initiate 5 times more positive interactions each day than negative ones. Take note of how your partner responds, how your feelings and relationship changes.

If you like the positive results and growth you see when you use this love tool, this is a good sign this relationship is on the right track for lasting love and happiness.

What if you’re not seeing the relationship results you desire?

Decide how much time you’ll invest in it before you honorably move on to meet a more compatible love match who will use a great love toolkit to create a blissfully happy relationship you deserve.

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Get the great love and happiness you deserve,

Hadley Finch

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