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Love Guide. Discover How A Kindness Chain Sparks The Fire Of Love In Your Relationship

Do you need a reminder to be kind? You may have read about the rewards of starting kindness chains and doing random acts of kindness toward strangers. You’re about to discover how the intentional pursuit of kindness sparks the fire of love in your intimate relationship.

Goethe once told us that kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound. Oprah told us that a kindness chain can break the chain of negative behavior.

I’ve observed that kindness is the exquisite chain which unites couples in happy relationships. I recommend that you start doing conscious acts of kindness to spark up your relationship.

What are conscious acts of kindness?

You make intentional choices to treat others the way you’d love to be treated, since kindness is the golden rule in action. You take a friendly interest in others. You figure out what someone needs and offer it before they have to ask.

You keep your promises and treat people fairly. You are free with your thanks and smiles. You are thoughtful of the weight on someone’s shoulders and relieve their burden without being asked.

You open their cage door and give wings to their dreams. You can do this for yourself, your mate, your children, your friends, your employees.

You may think that kindness isn’t the get-ahead attitude for success at work. But it is the foundation for authentic success.

You act with kindness at work when you do the job right and on time. You create quality merchandise, offer good service and charge fair prices.

You act with kindness in your community when you volunteer your time for a cause or donate goods to people or organizations that will put them to good use.

What if your conscious acts of kindness aren’t reciprocated?

When you act with kindhearted harmony, you give out good vibrations that are felt by the recipient and linger in their thoughts like an unforgettable melody. Chances are good that this will inspire their spontaneous act of kindness toward someone else, if they don’t respond with kindness toward you.

How can I start a kindness chain in my relationship?

You can start making your partner feel like they are the favorite person in your life. This is how you create links in the miracle chain that builds like and trust and adds a sense of fun to your interactions.

It may only take a spark of kindness to get the Fire Of Love going in your relationship. Be the spark today!

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