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Guide To A Healthy Relationship. Will A Miracle Drug Erase Your Bad Memories So You Remember The Love?

What if a single dose of an experimental drug could erase your memory of a chronic fear, a betrayal, trauma, loss or even a bad habit? If we define a miracle as a shift in perception from fear and negativity to love, then brain researchers in Brooklyn may have found a way to work this miracle with their experimental drug called ZIP.

You’re about to learn how you can use this news to create a miraculous shift in perception in your relationships.

Who discovered how to erase unwanted memory?

Neuroscientist Dr. Todd Sacktor and his team of brain researchers at the SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, announced in the New York Times that they have used a single dose of their experimental drug called ZIP to erase memory in animals. Scientists say this memory system is likely to work almost identically in humans.

Inspired by the scientific work of his late father, Dr. Sacktor focused his brain research on a substance known as the PKMzeta memory molecule. It appears to keep the quick dial function turned on in the brain when you call up a memory. Then he figured out how to interfere with this quick dial function with a dose of ZIP.

How does ZIP work?

ZIP was injected directly into areas of the brain critical for holding specific types of memory, like emotional associations, spatial knowledge or motor skills.

ZIP blocks the activity of PKMzeta, which the brain needs to retain much of its learned information.

How could the use of ZIP in humans affect our relationships?

Imagine a scenario when you’ve been betrayed and can’t get over it. Now you have a drug that weakens those memories as they come up. This may help you forgive and literally forget.

Or you’re addicted to a behavior or substance that is harming you and those who love you. Now you take ZIP to weaken the associations that stir cravings or harmful behavior patterns, thus removing your blocks to loving relationships.

What if I don’t want a brain injection of ZIP to let go of bad memories or addictive behaviors?

ZIP is an experimental drug that hasn’t been tested or injected in the human brain yet. Scientists may come up with a less invasive delivery system if or when ZIP is approved for human use.

Until then, you can gain proven results in treating addictions by using a 12-step groups or counseling.

There are many tools and techniques to weaken the power of your bad memories, including hypnosis, reprogramming images and memories through eye therapy, using biofeedback systems like SCIO to clear the energetic pull of past negativity.

Journaling, writing and using your creativity will help you release your bad memories, traumas, losses and free your positive energy and emotions.

Here’s a simple exercise from Wikipedia that may help you forget bad memories or at least decrease their significance:

1. Sit down in a comfortable chair and close your eyes.
2. Imagine an ocean image, 3D images of the ocean are great. Try to make it into a sunset, it helps.
3. Act as if its your virtual world and you have your own friends. Look for a person you like (again make sure they look three dimesionial) Play with them on the shore. Swim together in the ocean.
4. Remember to use all of your senses if you want full benefits-feel the waves, breathe the ocean air, see the sea and your friend in glorious detail, hear the sea gulls.
5. Try this, to keep your mind off the memories you hate and to give yourself feelings of fun like a day at the beach.

When you drop the weight of bad memories and addictive behaviors, you create the miraculous shift from fear and negativity to love. You will enrich all of your relationships, including the one you have with yourself!


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