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Guide To Healthy Relationships. How Women Can Boost Your Bra Size And Body Image Without Breast Surgery

A healthy body image is a secret to healthy relationships. My daughter and I received a big boost in our body image as we shopped for bras and discovered how we could jump cup sizes without breast implant surgery. Learn why it’s a healthy sign when women’s cups runneth over.

I took my daughter shopping for intimate apparel as part of her 21st birthday celebration. Since her toddler days, I’d repeated my mantra to boost our body image: Healthy, strong, flexible, fit–the secrets to body beauty.

On our recent shopping trip, I learned that brassiere makers like Wacoal America are acknowledging that healthy women and beautiful bodies come in all sizes. I finally found my correct bra size for the first time in decades. Much to our delight, my daughter and I left Nordstrom with gorgeous DD bras. I secretly felt like Pamela Anderson.

The day after our delightful discovery, the New York Times reported on this new trend. “It’s the ascendancy of the DDs,” said the chief executive of Bare Necessities, an online lingerie retailer.

DD is becoming the new C as the most popular bra cup sizes in America in 2009, a trend supported by Wacoal sales figures. This fall, Elle Macpherson Intimates will introduce its first collection for fuller-busted women, offering cup sizes from D to G.

Fortunately, this seems to be a blending of health and beauty trends that will boost women’s body image. While dress designers are whittling down their sizing standards so the average woman fits into smaller sizes, (does any strong, healthy women really want to be a size zero?) bra designers are empowering women to be proud of our true size. What a lovely way to support our authentic body beauty as a 21st birthday gift to my daughter. And to women of all ages and sizes.

Because of the recent adjustment of bra sizes by many manufacturers, it’s important that every woman get measured for your correct bra size on your next shopping trip. You also may gain bragging rights that you could boost your bra size and body image without surgery.

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