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Happy Couples Move In Which Direction? Love Advice

Different Directions Linked To Unhappy Relationships?
It took Love Researchers 15 years to prove the truth of what songwriter-love philosopher John Denver
had told us in his original song, Different Directions. If you want to stay happily married,
it’s good to move in the same direction with your mate. Before I show you John Denver’s song,
I’ll explain the science that supports his lyrical love advice–

A recent study from the Chinese University of Hong Kong revealed that couples who
traveled in the same direction to work, regardless of the route taken or whether they
traveled together, report being more satisfied with each other than those couples
who traveled in different directions.

Researchers also found that randomly-paired strangers who traveled in the same
direction to an experiment room reported greater attraction to each other than
those who traveled in opposite directions.

What’s the science behind the same-direction attraction secret?

It stems from brain science revealing that people create visual representations of
goals and our visual representations are connected to related concepts in the brain.

So walking or driving in the same direction conceivably reminds you of your goal
of moving in the same direction with your beloved partner to create a happy marriage.

What if you and your partner work across the city or the country?

Be sure to make your partner feel and know that you are committed to moving in the same direction in your relationship, fulfilling the same goals and growing together as a united team. And whenever you’re together, spend some time walking or moving in the same direction to create visual representations of these goals in your brain and get the health-happiness benefits of your brain in love.

Enjoy this video performance of John Denver’s original love song, which researchers just
proved is smart love advice from 1991: See what happens when you’re committed to different directions:

Will you and your beloved partner commit to head in the same direction more often to —

Get all the happy, sexy love you desire,

Hadley Finch

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